Longevity is an extra pay increment awarded to Hourly-Paid staff (Operating Staff) with a current hire date prior to July 1, 2011, to recognize length of service to the University System. Longevity payments are not treated as benefits eligible, but are taken into account when computing the regular rate for overtime purposes to conform with FLSA regulations.


Longevity increments for Operating Staff are as follows:

  • On completion of 10 years service -- 2%
  • On completion of 15 years service -- 4%
  • On completion of 20 years service -- 6%
  • On completion of 25 years service -- 8%
  • On completion of 30 years service -- 10%

Determination of Length of Service

For purposes of longevity only, a year of service will be equal to a calendar year of employment, i.e., 12 consecutive months from date of hire equals one calendar year. If an employee held a flex-year appointment of 50% for 10 years, the total years of service for longevity purposes would be 10 years.

Calculation of Longevity Increment

The longevity increment, awarded each pay period, is calculated by multiplying the base pay for that pay period by the longevity percentage. Longevity is not included in personal time or earned time payout on termination.

Beginning Accrual

Length of employment will start from the first day of status employment of at least 50% time for employees with a current hire date prior to July 1, 2011.

Effective Date

Longevity increments shall be effective on the staff member's anniversary date of employment.

Effects of Leaves of Absences

Staff members will not have their longevity affected by absences due to illness, accident or leaves of absence. Exceptions to this is when an accident is incurred at a staff member's secondary employment outside the University System.