Background Checks - Procedures

The University of New Hampshire strives to provide a safe work environment. A pre-employment review of all candidates for employment is done to comply with pertinent laws, promote a safe work environment, and to protect the University’s assets, including its employees, students, property, and information. The policy may be reviewed on the USNH online policy manual.

Additional procedural information regarding background checks:

Foreign Nationals

UNH will verify the following background of all applicants who are non-US citizens:

  • Education / Employment
  • Criminal history check covering time in the U.S. for the period of time that the individual has worked in the U.S.  when that time exceeds one year.
  • Criminal history check in the individual's prior countries of residence is required if their visa and/or authorization to work in the U.S. is prior to implementation of the Patriot Act, October 12, 2001.
Motor Vehicle Records Review

A candidate for specific positions may be required to have a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) background review.
Anyone for whom driving a USNH owned or rented vehicle is part of their job or role (including students renting vehicles for club travel) must undergo a MVR Search before driving a USNH vehicle, or to continue authorization to drive if an MVR Search has not been checked in the last three years for employees and every year for students.  Departments will follow the same procedure as background checks when requesting an MVR Search. Drivers that hold a NH driver license must also complete a NH Release of Motor Vehicle Records Form and have it signed in the presence of a Notary Public.  The driver will provide the completed form directly to the vendor.

Please note: The notary seal must be visible if uploaded, faxed or emailed.

UNH Youth Programs

In May 2014, UNH adopted a UNH Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors, documents that were subsequently updated in September, 2017:

Any faculty, staff, or volunteer working in a UNH Youth Program is required to undergo a background check before initially having contact with minors. A minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18.

Frequency and level of check depends upon whether the program meets the State of New Hampshire definition of a Youth Skill Camp (YSC) along with that of a UNH Youth Program (YP):

  • Staff and volunteers working in a Youth Skill Camp/Program are required, per NH State Law, to undergo an ANNUAL background check (per calendar year).

  • Staff and volunteers working in a UNH Youth Program are required to undergo a background check every THREE years.    YSC vs. YP Background Check Flow Chart

Youth Program Managers (or designee) make the check requests using the UNH Human Resources online request form. The requestor should check the box indicating that the staff/volunteer is working with a youth program. HR will determine the level of background check required.

*Note: UNH Extension Youth Program Managers may follow a slightly different procedure for volunteers.

  • There are limited exceptions to the definition of a UNH Youth Program, as well as for individuals requiring background checks. Refer to the Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors.

  • Staff or volunteers under the age of 18 working with a youth program need not have a background check. Instead, those staff are required, per NH State Law, to submit two letters of reference: Under Age 18 staff/volunteer Reference Form