Enterprise Technology Services

  • Enterprise Technology Services

The Enterprise Technology Services is comprised of the IT units responsible for Enterprise Information Management, management reporting, Enterprise collaboration/messaging, networking, database and system administration, and the data center. These groups provide a standardized approach to the management, coordination, and integration of the enterprise applications serving students, finance, human resources, and alumni for the University System of New Hampshire.

 Supporting the document imaging needs of the entire University System.

Supporting mission critical services for UNH, UNHM, GSC as well as the USNH systems office.

Supports the University’s recruitment efforts as well as outreach and engagement with external constituents. At UNH, the CRM vision is to create efficient and effective business processes across all business units so that a singular view of a constituent is possible.

Provides access to key institutional data to meet emerging data and information needs at UNH and USNH, including Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce); Data Visualization; and WebIntelligence Reporting (WebI).

Managing access for faculty, staff, and students at UNH and other USNH institutions.

Responsible for engineering design and management of a variety of services including campus ethernet, wireless, IT security and wide area networking.

Supporting hardware, operating systems, application and databases for the Enterprise Systems serving both UNH and the University System of New Hampshire.

Supporting mission-critical administrative student service and facilities information systems.

Provides technical resources for systems analysis, project management and planning, maintenance and development programming.