Lactation Resources

UNH Durham has 4 designated lactation rooms.

Reservations are not required but encouraged.  Booking the room allows you to have a confirmed schedule and your preferred room available for you.

To book a room, please go to:

  • Login with your UNH credentials, then select "Create a Reservation".  The Lactation Rooms will appear at the bottom of the list in the center of your screen. 
  • Click on the 'book now' buttom in the row for Lactation Rooms.
  • In the bottom left search box for Room Name, type "Lactation" and the 4 room options will appear for you to select and book.
The 4 Durham locations currently available are:
  • Dimond Library, Room 354
  • Memorial Union (MUB), Room 341
  • 10 West Edge Drive, Room 102A
  • Morse Hall, Room A121
Access Information:
  • Dimond Library, Room 354, is located on the Main Floor (Level 3).  This is a private room, and contains a gliding rocker, a refrigerator, and a CD player.
    This room stays locked at all times, so you need to check in and request the key from the Circulation Desk.  If they don't have the key, then the room is in use.  This lactation room is provided courtesy of Dimond Library. 
  • Memorial Union Building (MUB), Room 341, is located on the Main Floor (level 3).  This room is a private single user room for mothers and is ADA compliant.  This room stays locked.  To access this room, please visit the MUB Information Desk on the Main Floor and request the key.  The information desk will retain an ID while you the room is in use.
  • 10 West Edge, Room 102A - see note
  • Morse Hall, Room A121 - see note

NOTE:  Prior to your first time use for the West Edge or Morse Hall rooms, please contact the  Affirmative Action & Equity Office at 862-2930, TTY (603) 862-1527 - to get the combination for the room lock. You will only need to get the combination once.

UNH Lactation Policy Information

Durham Campus Lactation Rooms Brochure