UNH Air Force ROTC, Detachment 475

Can you assign a dollar value to leadership? To confidence? How about a brilliant future and a guaranteed career? One thing you can put a value on is a college scholarship. Beyond that, the benefits of Air Force ROTC are priceless.

Here at the University of New Hampshire, you will find not only a skilled Cadre and extraordinary cadet wing, but also a family. With roughly 50 cadets, you will be able to make friendships that last a lifetime and receive extensive hands-on training. Each semester is comprised of over a dozen exciting and challenging Leadership Labs, orchestrated by an outstanding cadet wing staff. For more information on Leadership Labs, see below or the tabs on the left.

Upcoming Events

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    Previous Events

    Career Night

    During this lab, the cadets gained exposure from multiple members of the military about different jobs and what they consist of. A few in attendance included an Intelligence Officer, a Flight Nurse, a Combat Rescue Officer, and a Pilot.

    FTP Run Lead Lab

    This LLAB is run and put together by sophomore cadets who are getting ready for Field Training. This year we had a PT component, a squadron marching component, and a Warrior Knowledge station.

    Paintball Tactics Lab

    The wing transited to Boscawen Prison to go through scenarios of achieving a certain objective. Objectives varied from retrieving intel, rescuing a hostage, or clearing the room. The lab had simulated opposition, the POC with paintball markers, who tried to stop the mission carried out by the GMC.

    For photos of other recent events, click here:  Photo Gallery