Living Well Services

Wellness is a positive, life-long process through which you become aware of, and make choices towards, a more balanced life.

Living Well Services has a variety of services, programs, and events designed to promote balance and well-being during your time at UNH and beyond. 


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Wellness Counseling & Coaching

Wellness counselors work with students to explore various aspects of wellness, such as stress, sleep, sexual well-being, nutrition, body image, and substance use.

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Education & Outreach Programs

Our evidence-based, interactive wellness programming is available to students and staff around campus.

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Events, Workshops, & Classes

Our events and workshops are designed to help you gain practical skills you'll use now and after graduation.

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Student Involvement

Our students gain practical experience and help their peers make lifestyle choices that support academic success and enhance personal wellness.

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Mandated Education Programs

We provide education and counseling to students who have been referred/mandated by Community Standards or legal court systems for alcohol and/or other drug violations.

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