Biofeedback technology uses electronic equipment to measure and monitor changes in one’s internal physiological state while teaching breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises. There is over 40 years of research that proves biofeedback can be a powerful and helpful tool for improving health and well-being.

Biofeedback is good for...

  • reducing stress
  • increasing your energy level
  • sleeping better
  • minimizing anxiety and worry
  • increasing your motivation
  • improving your concentration and mental accuracy
  • enhancing your health and well-being

Biofeedback at UNH

Health & Wellness has a computer-based biofeedback program that:

  • teaches a variety of stress-reduction techniques
  • provides opportunity for practice
  • monitors breath rate, heart rate, body perspiration and temperature

The program is divided into 15 sessions. It only takes a maximum of 30-minutes to complete each session. Students can work through the program at his/her own pace. We recommend only doing, at most, one session each day. The program can be completed over several weeks.


Appointments with the biofeedback machine are free and available to the UNH community (students, faculty, staff). Sessions are 30 minutes. 

Instructions on how to use the program, headphones (you can bring your own if you would like) and educational materials will be provided at your appointment.