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  • This April marks the 20th official Sexual Assault Awareness Month, though activists have been working to raise awareness of this issue for even longer. Why do we focus on awareness? Why is it important that the average person learn more about the issue of sexual assault and interpersonal violence? Learn more about the answers to these questions and more by reading this article!

  • The disproportionate impact of the pandemic on certain populations has highlighted numerous disparities and injustices in our society. On the surface, a disease does not discriminate. However, it's not hard to see that some groups may find it more difficult to take health precautions, are less likely to be tested, and will not receive the same quality of treatment if they do end up with COVID-19. A parallel can be drawn between the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and the ways in which interpersonal violence (sexual violence, relationship abuse, and stalking) can affect marginalized communities.

UNH SHARPP logo SHARPP provides services to victims/survivors of sexual violence, relationship abuse and stalking regardless of gender, age, health status (including HIV-positive), physical, mental, emotional ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, socio-economic status, race, national origin, immigration status, or religious or political affiliation.


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