Meet Our Staff

UNH Health Services Staff


Leadership Team

leadership team

Leadership Team (left to right): Kevin Charles, Mackenzie Johansmeyer, Janet Harris, Dennis Dupuis, Peter Degnan, and Kathleen Grace-Bishop. Not pictured:  Rebecca MacLennan


Clinical Staff

Clinical Staff Photo 2019

Clinical Staff (left to right):  Marissa LaHaie, Lester Manalo, Patricia Campbell, Christopher Diamond,  Ashley Lamb, Lindy Salkin, Debra Learmonth, and Peter Degnan. Not pictured: Laura Hancock

Clinical Support Staff

Nursing Supervisor

  • Mackenzie Johansmeyer, RN,  BSN, Clinic Manager

Registered Nurses

  • Ellie Buck-Webb, RN
  • Sue Chalmers, RN, BSN
  • Kristine Kahr, RN, BSN
  • Kelly Perkins, RN
  • Chrisanne Spadoro, RN 

Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Nancy Laverty, LPN
  • Carol Merkle, LPN
  • Fran Nichols, LPN

Medical Assistants

  • Kathy Spiers, CCMA
  • Desiree Leavitt, CCMA
Clinical Support Staff Photo 2019

Clinical Support Staff (left to right):  Mackenzie Johansmeyer, Kristine Kahr, Carol Merkle, Sue Chalmers, Desiree Leavitt, Kathy Spiers, Mary Farrar, Nancy Laverty, Kelly Perkins, and Fran Nichols. Not pictured: Chrisanne Spadoro

Ancillary Staff


  • Leslie Latimer, RPH, Pharmacist, Supervisor
  • Gihan Abousamak, PhT,  Pharmacy Technician
  • Andrew Taylor, RPH, Pharmacist
  • Christine Riddle, RPH, Pharmacist


  • Michele Brady, RTR (CT) (QM), Supervisor
  • Nancy Dellacroce, RTR, Radiologic Technologist
  • Bonnie Mack, RTR, Radiologic Technologist
Ancillary Staff Photo 2019

Ancillary Staff (left to right):  Leslie Latimer,  Michele Brady, Gihan Abousamak

Living Well Services Staff

  • Kathleen Grace-Bishop, MHSA, MCHES, Director of  Education and Promotion 
  • Madeline Bishop, MPH, CHES, Communication Information Specialist
  • Nancy Bushinsky, MSW, LICSW, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Educator/Counselor
  • Michael Glennon, MPH, CHES, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Educator/Counselor
  • Laila Hammam, MS, RD, LD, Nutrition Educator/Counselor
  • Shannon Seiferth, MS, CHWC, Wellness Educator/Counselor
  • Dawn Zitney, MEd, CWHC,  RYT-200, Wellness Educator/Counselor 
  • Jane Shannon, Administrative Assistant 
  • Anne Torres, Administrative Assistant

Massage Therapists

  • Michelle Davis, LMT
  • Corinne Douglas, LMT
  • Ellie Bartlett, LMT
  • Tessa Marino, LMT*
  • Hailey King, LMT*

* Currently offering massages

Living Well Services Staff Photo 2019

Living Well Staff (left to right):   Michael Glennon, Madeline Bishop, Nancy Bushinsky, Laila Hammam, Shannon Seiferth, Dawn Zitney, Jane Shannon, Kathleen Grace-Bishop. Not pictured: Anne Torres

Administrative Staff

  • Rebecca S. MacLennan, MBA, CAGS , Director of Finance & Administration
  • Greg Turcotte, Business Manager
  • Arlene Bisson, Business Operations & Student Health Benefits Plan Specialist

Health Records & Registration

  • Felicia Brackett, CMA, Supervisor of Health Records & Registration
  • Diane Messier, Administrative Assistant

Information Technology

  • Tim Hatfield, Information Technology Manager
  • Lois Ratto, Information Systems Specialist
Administrative Staff Photo 2019

Administrative Staff (left to right): Lois Ratto, Tim Hatfield, Felicia Brackett, Arlene Bisson, Betty Cocozza, Corrin Bedsole, Greg Turcotte, Diane Messier. Not pictured:  Rebecca MacLennan

Student Staff

  • Rachel Barden, Wellness Assistant since 2020
  • Alyssa Boyd, Wellness Assistant since 2017
  • Eliza DeMaio, Wellness Assistant since 2017
  • Chrissy Ellis,  Wellness Assistant since 2019
  • Crystal Goodrich, Paws & Relax Wellness Assistant since 2018


  • Debbie Ellison