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Coming down with a cold? Feel like your wellness could use a boost? Looking for ways to improve a specific dimension of wellness?

Use our resources below to learn more about taking care of your own health and wellness. If you need medical care or additional support, please make an appointment online or by phone at (603) 862-9355. 

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The Well-Being Wheel

The Well-Being Wheel can be used as a tool to check in with your wellness and better understand what is going well and what may be challenging in the moment. It can also help you survey choices or situations that impact your overall well-being. 

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Health & Wellness Well-Being Wheel Simple

Wellness Topics

Below are some areas of wellness that can affect your overall state of balance. Health & Wellness staff is available to help with any of the following topics:

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A to Z Self-Care Guides

Learn how to care for your health with our self-care guides. You'll find information on everything from bug bites, burns, illness and injury to sexual and mental health.

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How to Help a Friend

We can support you in supporting a friend, roommate, or family member who is struggling with an eating concern, substance use, or other wellness challenge.

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