Nutrition Education and Counseling


Our Registered Dietitian, Laila Hammam, can assist you with:

  • Eating well with no time and money
  • Navigating the dining halls
  • Managing nutrition-related disease/health problems 
  • Refueling for optimal sports performance
  • Managing weight and body image concerns
  • Disordered eating behaviors
  • Getting adequate nutrients for vegetarians/vegans 
  • Mindful eating practice


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Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS)

You may find your counseling needs are better served at Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) in Smith Hall. PACS is UNH's primary mental health facility. They provide individual and group counseling and therapy for students who may be experiencing situational or ongoing psychological difficulties. Concerns students often address through PACS include: educational/academic goals, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, self-harm/self-mutilation, sexual identity/orientation issues, traumatic situations or relationship issues. They also provide assistance for emotional and behavioral crises/emergencies. For additional information or an appointment, please call (603) 862-2090.