Don't Cancel That Class

Dawn Zitney teaching a UNH CHHS class

Life happens... we can help!

Faculty, instead of cancelling class, have us come in to teach your students about well-being.  

You can submit a request in advance or on short notice. If we're available, we'll be there. Let us know if you want the session tailored to your course content or if you'd like us to just come in and do our thing. 

Find programs available for request and our request form listed below.

Thank you so much for coming into my class today. Your presentation was fantastic and so relevant to what the students are doing with their community groups this semester.” – UNH Faculty, CHHS

Class Topics

  • Wellness and Well-Being
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drugs

Our workshops are designed using a public health approach so that students have a meaningful opportunity to gain knowledge, engage in self-inquiry, and learn skills to cope effectively with life's inevitable challenges. 

Sessions are taught by our professional staff. We are also able to tailor our programs to your course content if desired. We do require that classrooms be equipped with AV for all our sessions.  


Programs Available for Request

The Meaning of Wellness: A Whole-Person Approach to Caring for Yourself

Facilitated by one of our well-being educators/counselors

This is our core wellness program. Utilizing UNH’s Well-Being Wheel, participants will be guided through an engaging activity that helps them understand their current wellness—in which areas they are thriving, in which areas they are struggling, what is giving them energy, what is taking away energy. We will also discuss how communities and identity impact wellness. Participants will leave with a clearer vision of their own wellness, along with pathways to keep moving forward.

The Meaning of Stress: Shifting Your Mindset and Utilizing Body-Based Techniques to Cope

Facilitated by one of our well-being educators/counselors

Stress is a full body response to the challenges of life that everyone experiences. Being able to skillfully turn towards and cope with stress can enhance health, well-being, and motivation. Participants will learn how to grow their stress mindset by understanding what stress is and how it impacts the whole body. We will provide opportunities for students to learn about and practice quick and proven body-based relaxation techniques.

Be Well, Sleep Well 

Facilitated by one of our well-being educators/counselors

Sleep is one of the most effective ways to enhance health and well-being and achieve academic success. Participants will learn about the importance of quality sleep for academic success and overall well-being. We will provide opportunities for students to assess their current sleep habits and create a personalized plan of action to employ new sleep strategies.

How Are You—Really? Coping with Mental Health Challenges (coming soon!)  

Facilitated by one of our well-being educators/counselors

Let’s Talk Diets 

Facilitated by our Registered Dietitian

Diet culture is extremely prevalent in our society, with most adults having tried to diet at least once in their lifetime. With the number of fad diets and misinformation about nutrition out there, this workshop will explain some of the more popular diet trends and the risks of fad diets. Participants will learn why dieting can be problematic not only to one’s physical health but to their mental health as well, and discover ways to work on developing a healthier relationship with food, body and mind.

Intuitive Eating

Facilitated by our Registered Dietitian

Intuitive eating is an evidenced-based, non-diet approach that honors both physical and mental health and encourages dignity and respect for all shapes and sizes. The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating are guidelines to help reestablish the ability to recognize internal cues such as hunger, fullness, and cravings, and to simply enjoy food again. Intuitive eating also helps to combat diet rules that may dictate when and what to eat, so that you are able to listen to internal cues again. This presentation will cover diet culture today, the psychological effects of dieting, and the non-diet 'health at every size' approach, before exploring the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating.

Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drugs (ANOD) Jeopardy Game + What’s In Your Cup?  

Facilitated by one of our ANOD educators/counselors

Test your knowledge about alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. See if your beliefs and perceptions match the latest research. This interactive activity encourages fun, teamwork, and a bit of competition. Learn how alcohol is metabolized in the body, the concept of standard drink sizes, the reasons why more isn’t always better when it comes to drinking, and strategies to reduce harm if you choose to drink.


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