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Looking to provide wellness education to your students or staff? We partner with UNH departments and organizations to implement fun, evidence-based, interactive programming. You can request a program that already exists (listed below) or request a custom program to fit your needs. 


Our programming:

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Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drugs (ANOD) 

Informed decision-making is critical when it comes to your choices regarding alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, or other drug use during college.  Health & Wellness is committed to providing students, and our Wildcat community, with the most up to date, evidence-based research, skills, and resources to support your well-being in this area. Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drug (ANOD) programs are student-centered and designed to present information that is relevant to college life at UNH. Programs you may request for your residence hall, organization, club, team or student group include:

What’s In Your Cup?

This interactive tabling event is focused on understanding how alcohol is metabolized in the body, the concept of standard drink sizes, the reasons why more isn’t always better when it comes to drinking, and strategies to reduce harms if you choose to drink.  ANOD Peer Educators can facilitate this program at your residence hall, organization, team, or club event.  

Myth or Fact?

Knowledge can help empower your choices.  This interactive program is about checking your beliefs and perceptions against the facts regarding alcohol, nicotine, THC, and non-medical use of prescription stimulants.   Discussion is focused on how perceptions and expectations influence one’s choices. This program is based on research, best practice, and social norming data and can be tailored to your audience.

Hazing and Drinking Culture

According to the National Study of Student Hazing (Allen/Madden 2008), more than half (55%) of college students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations experience hazing.  Yet the majority of college students do not recognize hazing behaviors when they occur.  This program discusses the criteria for hazing, the factors that perpetuate hazing, the role of alcohol in hazing, and what you can do about it.

Design Your Own Program

If you are looking for a program with a focus that is not listed above, please let us know. Our ANOD Educator/Counselors and Peer Educators can collaborate with you to design a program tailored to your needs.



Assertiveness:  Practical Techniques for Personal Success

Everyone has the potential to be a strong and confident communicator. Being assertive can be challenging for many people, but will lead to more effective communication, and improved relationships. In this program students will have a chance to explore different communication styles, reflect on their own style of communication, and discover strategies they can use to become more assertive.

Conflict Confidence

Conflict is a common, inevitable part of life. Having the ability to resolve conflict effectively can prevent unnecessary stress, worry, avoidance, or damaged relationships.  Gaining the confidence to effectively approach interpersonal conflict can positively impact our overall well-being. Students will engage in a discussion about their current approach to managing conflict, explore the benefit of resolving conflicts, and build the skills that can turn conflicts into opportunities.


Financial Management

Are you on the Right Cash Course?

Many college students have minimal skills in managing their money and debt. The CASH (Create a Savings Habit) program gives an excellent overview of budgeting, saving, debt, and money management.


Sexual Well-Being

Our goal is to educate UNH students about sexual health and well-being by providing accurate information so that students can make informed decisions. Our sexual well-being programming is applicable to students who are sexually active, thinking about being sexual active, or abstinent. We approach our programming with sex positivity and don’t consider any question or topic taboo. Free safer sex supplies and lubrication will be provided at all sexual well-being programs. Most programs are led by our trained sexual well-being interns and will be available starting in October (to allow time to train interns). If you have questions about sex education at UNH, please contact dawn.zitney@unh.edu.

Safer Sex 101

This is the perfect program if you want to teach your community how and why to practice safer sex. We will come prepared with anatomical models that will be used to teach participants how to use internal condoms, external condoms, dental dams, and latex gloves. Information on STIs/HIV prevention and testing at Health & Wellness will be provided. Each participant will leave with their own safer sex supply kit.  

Sexual Pleasure, Oh Yes!

Sex is meant to be pleasurable. In this program, participants will be introduced to the health benefits of sexual pleasure and how they can explore their own sexual preferences to find what turns them on and off. Sex toys for all identities will be demonstrated and will also be used to help explain sexual pleasure and anatomy. There will be lots of buzz about this program because it is highly interactive. Giggles, awe, and lots of questions welcomed!

Sexual Decision-Making

Sex doesn’t just happen. Hook ups don’t just happen. In this program, participants will participate in an interactive activity that illustrates how feelings, thoughts, communication, gender roles, values, friends, and the environment can impact sexual decision-making. Data on sexual behavior at UNH and on college campuses across the country will be shared.

Communicating with Sexual Confidence

Being able to assert one’s needs, wants, and desires with assertiveness will enhance personal sexual well-being and increase sexual agency. In this program, participants will explore their personal communication style and what gets in the way of them communicating clearly, and they will learn clear and effective communication strategies. 

Design an Inclusive and Science-Based Sex Education Program

If you are looking to offer a different sex education program than is offered above,  we can help. Our wellness educator/counselor and sexual well-being interns can collaborate with you to design a sex ed program that is medically accurate, inclusive of all identities, and provides students an impactful way to gain knowledge, self-awareness, and skills.

Bulk Safer Sex Supply Request

If you are looking to obtain a larger supply of condoms, dental dams, and lubrication for a sex education program that you are designing, please submit a request using this form:

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You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup:  Wellness & Stress

Our lives are full of opportunities and responsibilities. This program offers students a way to look at their personal wellness as a way to better understand and cope with stress.  Participants will learn about the 8 dimensions of wellness, and be guided through creative activities to help them become more aware of just how full their lives are and what they can do to actively bring more balance to their well-being.

2-Minute Stress Relievers

All it takes is 2 minutes – or even less – to tap out of the stress response and into the relaxation response. You’ll learn and practice stress and relaxation techniques that can be used in and outside of the classroom to minimize the negative effects of stress.

Goal Setting

Set yourself up for success by setting goals that are appropriate for where you are right here, right now. This interactive workshop will walk participants through the process of creating specific goals and habits to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Self-Compassion: Treat Yourself Like You Would a Friend

The ability to be kind to yourself will help you feel better in all areas of your well-being, including your emotional wellness. Participants will be introduced to the science behind self-compassion and will practice ways they can offer themselves more tenderness and clarity to navigate difficult times.



Power Up!

Meet with staff from the Hamel Recreation Center and Health & Wellness for an informative (and fun!) panel discussion with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.  Participants will gain an understanding of how physical activity, nutrition, sleep and coping with stress all work in tandem.  This 50-minute program will provide students with information on how to access and best use nutrition, recreation, and wellness programs at UNH to meet their goals. 


Design Your Own Program

Our staff is always looking to run new programs! If you have a program/topical idea in mind we can sit down with you to discuss your ideas and design a program that is tailored to your specific audience and goals. We request that you give us at least 2-3 weeks to make this happen. This time frame includes time to meet with you individually.


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