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Wellness Is...

  • An active process through which you become aware of, and make choices towards, a more balanced life 
  • A conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving your full potential 
  • A multi-dimensional and whole-self lifestyle 
  • Positive and self-affirming 
UNH Health & Wellness Philosophy

Health & Wellness views students and other members of the UNH community as whole and dynamic individuals. We are sensitive to how the components of our lives impact our health and well-being. We encourage personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining wellness. Our approach not only assists in the process of healing, but also provides information and care to maintain and enhance well-being according to individual needs and desires. 

Health & Wellness realizes the environments in which we live and work also impact well-being.  This means our efforts to support wellness for the individual must include working to create a healthy community that supports the well-being of its members.  

Our goal is to optimize wellness, now and for the future.

Explore the 8 Dimensions of the Wellness Wheel 

Emotional Wellness  Emotional Wellness  

Environmental Wellness at UNH  Environmental Wellness

Financial Wellness at UNH  Financial Wellness

Intellectual Wellness at UNH  Intellectual Wellness

Occupational Wellness at UNH  Occupational Wellness

Physcial Wellness at UNH  Physical Wellness

Social Wellness at UNH  Social Wellness

Spiritual Wellness at UNH  Spiritual Wellness 

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Enhancing Wellness at UNH

Education and Counseling Services available at UNH Health Services for all students     Medical Services available at UNH Health Services for all students  

- Services are Available to All UNH Students -