The UNH Pharmacy will close effective May 6th.

May 6th will be the last day for any member of the UNH community (students, faculty, staff) to pick up prescriptions provided by our pharmacy.


All prescriptions from the UNH Pharmacy will be transferred to the Durham Rite Aid by May 16, 2024, unless other arrangements are made. If you want your prescriptions transferred to another location, please stop by the Pharmacy or call 603-862-1094 by May 6th.

Health & Wellness will stock frequently prescribed medications and some common over-the-counter medications for purchase at minimal cost. More information on this service will be available soon.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

The UNH Pharmacy has low utilization, and the cost of operating it exceeds its revenue. The decision to close it will enable Health & Wellness to direct resources to other operations and programming while relying on a local pharmacy to meet the prescription needs of our community.

The last day for students, faculty, and staff to pick up prescriptions is May 6th.


The UNH Pharmacy at Health & Wellness will be fully operational through May 6th. Prescriptions can be filled at the pharmacy until that date, or you can go to the pharmacy of your choice. 

Students enrolled in the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan can go to the UNH Pharmacy at Health & Wellness until May 6th or to the Durham Rite-Aid to get the lowest co-payments available through the plan.

Health & Wellness will stock some commonly used generic medications for students, faculty, and staff who are seen at Health & Wellness to purchase at minimal cost without submitting claims through their insurance, as well as over-the-counter medications.

After May 6th, students, faculty, and staff will not be able to pick up or fill prescriptions at the UNH Pharmacy at Health & Wellness.  If a medication is prescribed during a visit at Health & Wellness, the clinician will send the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.  They may also have the option of purchasing some medications without using their prescription benefits as well as over-the-counter medications right at Health & Wellness.


The Durham Rite-Aid, located half a mile from Health & Wellness, has been designated the Tier One pharmacy provider, allowing you to get your prescriptions with the same co-pay you would have at the UNH Pharmacy. 

If you do not wish to use the Durham Rite Aid, you can have your prescriptions filled at the pharmacy of your choice, including other Rite Aid locations, but will incur higher Tier Two co-payments for them.  Information about co-payment rates can be found in the SHBP Brochure.

The Durham Rite-Aid is set up as the preferred pricing pharmacy provider, allowing you to get your prescriptions there with the same co-pay you would have paid at the UNH Pharmacy at Health & Wellness.