UNH Health Insurance Requirement

UNH Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) Cover UNH SHBP 2017-2018


Insurance Requirement

  • All full-time degree students are required to have health insurance
    as a condition of enrollment
    • to ensure that students have access to health care services beyond what is available on campus 
    • to provide financial protection for major illness or injury 
  • Health insurance plans must be effective by September 1
  • Applies to students attending the Durham, Manchester, or Concord campuses
  • Action must be taken each year; information doesn’t roll forward from year to year
  • Students can be seen in our facility regardless of what insurance they have
  • Students are enrolled in and charged for the UNH SHBP by default if they don’t submit a waiver by the semester deadline

When is the SHBP effective?

  • Provides 12 months of coverage, beginning September 1 and ending on August 31 for full-year students
  • Coverage for those graduating, not returning to UNH in the spring semester or dropping to part-time ends in January
  • Uses the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care network of providers
  • Provides both in-network (HPHC providers) and out-of-network (non-HPHC providers) coverage
  • Covers students while in the US or traveling abroad
  • Includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage
  • Incorporates Basix Dental Savings Program to help students save money on dental services

Why enroll in the SHBP?

  • Students can rely on this plan as their sole source of medical coverage 
  • Voluntarily complies with the Affordable Care Act’s requirements; meets the individual mandate
  • May save your family money if you are the only child on your family’s plan or you purchase a plan in the marketplace
  • Plan cost is only $190/month
  • No deductible for in-network care and only a $250 deductible for out-of-network care

Paying for the SHBP

  • Cost of the plan will be billed over two semesters – 1/2 each semester (or $1,140 each semester)
  • Cost will appear on tuition/fee bills as a separate line item
  • Dependent coverage is payable directly to Health Plans, Inc. on an annual basis

Waiving the UNH SHBP

Accepted alternatives 

Students who wish to waive the UNH SHBP must provide proof that their insurance meets the following criteria:

  • Massachusetts and Maine Medicaid can be used to waive the UNH requirement  
  • A US-based insurance plan
  • Provides the 10 essential health benefits specified in the Affordable Care Act;
  • Includes access to mental health care providers in the Durham, Manchester or Concord, NH, areas;
  • Includes access to hospital and physician providers in the Durham, Manchester or Concord, NH, areas for BOTH EMERGENCY AND ROUTINE CARE;
  • Will remain in effect for the entire academic year (except for termination due to the attainment of a maximum age, or other situation resulting in a loss of plan eligibility); and
  • Does not have a deductible greater than $500 (if it is greater than $500, you must certify that you have adequate financial resources to cover the deductible).

Unaccepted alternatives

The following plans do not meet the criteria to waive the UNH SHBP:

  • An accident-only policy
  • A short-term limited duration health plan that does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • A ministry sharing plan, even if it is recognized by the ACA
  • Medicaid or other government health insurance policies that do not include participating in-network healthcare providers in the Durham, Manchester or Concord, NH area
  • Any other health benefits program (e.g., a community care program) that is not recognized by the State of NH as being health insurance (or is not a health benefits plan governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) and does not meet each of the requirements specified above


  • All waiver forms will be audited to verify enrollment and benefits coverage
  • Students who are found to be uninsured or to have insufficient insurance coverage will be enrolled in the SHBP as an Unqualified Late Enrollee
  • The cost of the plan will not be prorated
  • The effective date of the coverage will be the date the student is enrolled in the plan
  • Students who knowingly falsify their insurance information in order to appear to comply with the insurance requirement or who don’t obtain other coverage within 31 days after losing their original coverage are subject to charges for violation of the Student Code of Conduct


What is considered full-time?

  • For undergraduates: 12+ credit hours/semester
  • For graduates: 9+ credit hours/semester OR 6+ credit hours with an assistantship OR enrollment in Grad 900 OR Grad 999
  • Students must maintain full-time student status in order to remain in the UNH SHBP.  Exceptions may be given for students who have been granted a medical withdrawal or are in their last semester of study.

What are the requirements for international students?

  • Students that are in the US with an F1 or J1 visa are required to enroll in the UNH SHBP
  • They do not have the option to waive this coverage

What's the difference between the health fee and the insurance requirement? 

  • The mandatory health fee covers some on-campus services offered in our facilities, including health education offerings
  • Insurance companies are never billed for services which are covered by the health fee
  • Combination of the health fee and health insurance provides a complete health care package for students
  • Students can be seen regardless of what insurance they have

Important Dates

August 10, 2017 (for Fall enrollment) & February 9, 2018 (for Spring Enrollment)

Undergraduate bills (Durham and Manchester) must be paid in full by this date in order to avoid any late payment charges. After this date, if the SHBP is not waived or paid, a late fee will be applied.

Additional Information