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Health & Wellness provides sex positive and inclusive medical services, wellness coaching, and education.


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April is Get Yourself Tested Month

Know your status — get a free $5 gift card when you get tested for STIs/HIV at Health & Wellness during the month of April!

Make an appointment online or by calling (603) 862-2856.

Gift card promotion is only available for current UNH students who have paid the health fee. Promotion ends April 30, 2021.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea* Testing Clinics
Thursday April 22 and 29, 9am-3pm

    • Reserve your spot at the testing clinic online
      • Login into our online appointment system
      • Select In-Person Visit at Health & Wellness
      • Select STI Screening Clinic
      • Select either April 22nd or April 29th, then select the time you would like to come in to do your urine sample. Plan to avoid urinating 1 hour before your time slot.
    • Arrive at the Health & Wellness lobby at your designated date/time
    • Have your insurance card scanned, your insurance will be billed**
    • You’ll be provided a testing kit to gather a urine sample
    • Get free $5 gift card
    • Obtain results in 5 business days

*   Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most common STIs among young adults. If you would like to meet with a clinician to discuss your sexual health history and possible recommendations for additional testing, please make an appointment.

** Our walk-in clinic is for insurance billing only. If you would like to pay out-of-pocket, please make an appointment with a clinician.


Top 5 Reasons to Get Tested

  1. Half of all STIs diagnosis are among young adults under 25 years old.
  2. If you are sexually active or thinking about becoming sexually active, getting STIs/HIV testing is recommended as part of your routine health care.
  3. Many STIs don’t have symptoms. The only way to know your status is to get tested.
  4. Sexual behaviors and circumstances can put young adults at risk for getting STIs/HIV:
    • Unprotected penetrative or oral sex
    • Multiple sex partners
    • Anonymous sex partners
    • Intoxicated sex
    • Not getting routine STI/HIV testing
  5. Getting tested at Health & Wellness is confidential, convenient, and you get a free $5 gift card to either Breaking New Grounds, Rise-n-Grind, or The Juicery (it’s kinda a no-brainer).


Medical Services


sexual well-being interns

Sexual Well-Being Coaching

No need to search the internet for all your sex questions. You can make an appointment with a wellness coach who is trained in sexual well-being for support with :

  • Sexual decision making
  • Communication skills
  • Sexual performance and function concerns
  • Living with a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • Sexual pleasure and desire
  • Navigating the decision not to have sex
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Support and referral assistance for related to gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Support and referral assistance for concerns related to unintended pregnancy
  • Any other interests, knowledge seeking, and concerns



Make an appointment by phone or online. Office visits are covered by the health fee. Cost varies for testing and prescription services.

All visits are confidential.


Sex Positive Programming and Events

    For information about other upcoming events, classes, and workshops, visit our Events page


    Practice Safer, More Pleasurable Sex: Free Safer Sex Supplies

    No questions asked. No shame. We support your decision to engage in safer sex.

    We provide FREE:

    • Condoms (internal and external)
    • Dental Dams
    • Latex Gloves
    • Lubrication (silicone and water-based)

    Specialty condoms (non-latex, extra large, extra thin)

    These supplies may be found in our front lobby, at our Thrive satellite office (HRC Room 238), and at our Pharmacy.


    Safer Sex During Covid

    What you should know if you choose to have consensual sex during COVID-19


    Exploring Sexual Well-Being and Identity

    We have collaborated with the UNH Library and UNH students to create this online resource of books, websites, podcasts, and multimedia. By no means is this list inclusive of all the resources available but it includes some of our favorites. 

    If you'd like to request an educational program, visit our Educational Programs page