Valid Wildcat Pass Required; Enforcement to Begin Next Week

Feb. 16, 2021

Dear Durham and Manchester Colleagues—

As you know, regular COVID-19 testing of those who come to any of our campuses is critical to maintaining a healthy living, learning and working environment. The Wildcat Pass is a tool designed to help us all—students and employees—stay on track with regular testing.

In late summer, we began educating students about the value of the testing program, using the Wildcat Pass to keep up with testing and the requirement of having a valid Wildcat Pass to come to any campus. Automatic texts and emails remind students when a test sample has not been submitted. Once a student’s Wildcat Pass is invalid a second time, it cannot be reactivated unless the student goes through the student conduct system. I am happy to report that our Durham student compliance rate was 93% last week. Thank you to all of our employees in dining halls, campus housing, Hamel Rec and other offices who request to see a Wildcat Pass. In a recent poll, more than 50% of students said at least one of their professors asked to see their Wildcat Pass in class. Thank you for supporting the efforts to keep our community safe.

We need your continued commitment to ensure everyone on our campuses—students, faculty and staff—has a valid Wildcat Pass at all times.

DURHAM EMPLOYEES ONLY: If you work 100% remote and will not be coming to campus, a valid Wildcat Pass is not needed. Please fill out this survey so you do not get reminders about your Wildcat Pass. If something changes and you must come to campus follow these instructions to get a test and valid Wildcat Pass.

Starting next week, all employees who have not opted out will receive automatic texts and emails when they are late for a test sample submission, and your Wildcat Pass will show invalid if you miss your test sample submission by more than 24 hours. You will be contacted by a supervisor if your Wildcat Pass is invalid two different times.

Check your WildCat Pass here or through MyUNH. It is not difficult to keep your Wildcat Pass valid. Once you have completed the consent to testing form (Durham Form; Manchester/Concord Form) and updated your profile (since January 4), the only ongoing requirement is keeping up with your weekly COVID-19 testing commitment. Drop your test off on your assigned day and your pass will be valid. If you need to miss your assigned day, request an exception to your testing schedule in advance through this form. More details and FAQs can be found on the website for Durham and Manchester/Concord.

We are seeing the consequences of COVID fatigue with increasing numbers of students in quarantine and isolation. Please remain vigilant, avoid gatherings, wear face coverings and physically distance to help us move from the orange mode of operations back to yellow so that we can provide a richer experience to our students.

Thank you,

Kate Ziemer
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs