Wildcat Community Pledge - Spring 2021

We each have a role to play in our own safety and health, and also in the health and safety of our fellow Wildcats. The University of New Hampshire Wildcat Community Pledge for Spring 2021 sets the behavioral expectations of those coming to any UNH campus (Durham, Manchester, and Concord) for Spring Semester 2021 and for those students living in the greater Durham area.

Make a commitment to:
1. Stay Informed

As a member of the UNH community, I pledge to stay informed of the latest federal, state, local and UNH recommendations and policies and to follow all federal, state, local and UNH mandates and requirements related to COVID-19.

We refer you to https://unh.edu/coronavirus to reference useful and important public health resources and the school’s communications on COVID.

You may also access government resources as follows:

2. Health & Safety

As a member of the UNH community, I pledge to adopt a culture of shared responsibility and commit to following all safety and health protocols and policies for my own safety and the safety of those around me.

Personal Health Practices:

  • Community members will wear a face covering whenever they leave their personal living quarters and maintain physical distancing (six feet between you and others) whenever possible.
  • Community members are expected to wash or sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day.

COVID-19 Protocols:

  • All community members will participate in regular COVID-19 testing if they wish to be on campus or participate in UNH events.  https://unh.edu/coronavirus
  • All community members will maintain a valid Wildcat Pass if they are going to be on a UNH campus, participate in a UNH activity, and/or live in the greater Durham area to attend UNH.  
  • All community members will be subject to contact tracing protocols. https://unh.edu/coronavirus

Social, Organizational and Recreational:

  • All community members will avoid social gatherings involving large groups of people.
  • All community members will minimize travel, and when they must travel to obey all quarantine and testing requirements of NH and their destination.