Important COVID-19 Reminders

Dear Members of the UNH Durham Community—

We are writing with a number of important reminders to ensure every member of our community makes it to the end of the semester without needing to leave campus early or, even worse, miss commencement due to COVID-19 illness or quarantine requirements.

  • Stay home from work or class if you’re sick.
  • Get tested for COVID. If you have a sore throat or cold-like symptoms make an appointment at Health & Wellness or go to the COVID Testing Site at the New England Center for a rapid test. You can test any time; your Wildcat Pass will automatically adjust.
  • Get your COVID booster. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), vaccines continue to protect people from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized and even dying—especially people who have received a booster.
  • Upload proof of your boosterThis will affect your need to quarantine if you are a close contact.
  • Be respectful of our community members who choose to wear a mask and request that you wear one. If you are in an area where a community member manages, works or resides, please honor their request to wear a mask whenever possible.

COVID-19 is still in our community. Help us to limit transmission and keep everyone safe.

Paul Dean
Chief of Police /Associate VP for Public Safety and Risk Management and Co-Chair of UNH Testing and Tracing Committee

Peter Degnan, MD
Medical Director, Health & Wellness

Marian McCord
Senior Vice Provost for Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach; and Co-Chair of UNH Testing and Tracing Committee