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UNH Guide to Using Generative AI Writing (10/31/2023)
"Simple Guide to Using Generative Artificial Intelligence Writing Tools in Research & Scholarship at UNH" (2023). Integrity in Research…
Faculty Support and Development at UNH, Technologies for Teaching and Learning Lesson/Module Planning
COVID-specific Instructional Guidance & Recommended Syllabus Language
This document contains information about COVID-specific instructional guidelines for classroom expectations and management; health and safety…
Course Design, Learning Resources, Teaching and Learning in Special Circumstances, Teaching Modality Syllabus Design, Teaching Modalities
Virtual Labs (India Ministry of Education)
Virtual labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels and for research scholars.
Teaching and Learning Strategies Online Labs, STEM Courses
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
A collection of more than 830 peer-reviewed cases. (case studies)
Teaching and Learning Strategies Authentic/Case/Project/Problem Based Learning