Canvas (myCourses): Module

Whether you are teaching face-to-face or online, you can take advantage of the ?Modules ?area to organize course content and facilitate learning throughout the semester. 

The Modules area allows you to organize your course content in a way that aligns with how you are presenting your material: by content-specific topics, by a day/week timeframe, or by steps in a process. One advantage is that you are focusing the student's attention to only the content you want them to view only when you want them to view it.  

In the Modules area are several resources or Canvas tools that you can add to your course: course files, videos, assessments, resources from vendors, or links to other websites. ? 

How to create a module

Best Practices 

  • Modules can be used to host weekly learning content, or can be used to host specific types of content (readings, videos, etc.) 
  • Use a consistent Module naming convention and use self-explanatory titles. 
  • Avoid using dates in Module names. If you reuse this course in the future you will need to edit the dates. Save yourself time and use titles that are reusable for any semester. 
  • Adding links to assignments, discussions, and quizzes within individual Modules makes for an easy-to-navigate Canvas site and a more satisfying learning experience for students, as they are able to focus on the course content and not be distracted by having to search for course materials and assignments in multiple locations.