Student Response Systems

Sometimes referred to as classroom response systems (CRS), clickers, or personal response systems, student response systems are used in small or large classrooms to facilitate taking attendance, engage students during lectures, ensure that key points are understood, give low-stakes quizzes, or ask about sensitive opinions or attitudes that students might not normally share comfortably (Kent State University Center for Teaching and Learning 2020). 

A Teaching with Technology White Paper by Carnegie Mellon University’s Office of Technology for Education and Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence concluded that “CRS can facilitate the process of drawing out students’ prior knowledge, maintaining student attention, and creating opportunities for meaningful engagement” and assist instructors in “assessing student comprehension and developing classroom activities that allow for the application of key concepts to practical problems” (Carnegie Mellon University 2007). 

Classroom/Learning Assessment Resources

This page provides resources for two UNH applications used as student response systems: iClickr and Zoom.  


The iClicker Student Response System is the USNH-supported classroom response system. All register-controlled classrooms have the Clicker base setup. In order to use iClickers in your classroom, come to a training session to have the software installed and get it connected to your Canvas course. 

Posing iClicker questions at various points throughout a lecture prompts students to engage you’re your instruction.  

Because the iClicker activity assists instructors and students in identifying the level of comprehension as well as common misconceptions, the student response system facilitates classroom/learning assessment.  

  • All students use their iClickers to respond to questions before, during and/or at the end of the class.?? 
  • Instructor presents feedback on screen to clear up any misconceptions or to confirm understanding. 
  • iClicker questions can be graded and imported into myCourses. 

How to Get Started with iClicker 
iClicker Knowledge Base Articles 

iClickr Resources 


Zoom is an easy-to-use web classroom platform that allows for real-time video and screen sharing to hold live class sessions at a distance.?USNH has a campus-wide license for Zoom which means every faculty, staff and student may use it to host meetings and collaborate. You can?host meetings with unlimited minutes for up to 300 participants at once.  

Since the features of Zoom include live surveys and polls, Zoom can be used as a student response system.  

This video walks you through the use of Zoom polling and provides tool-specific use cases for synchronous online instruction. 
Zoom: Using Polling Functionality 


Not Supported by UNH 

These applications are not supported by UNH, but resources are provided for faculty convenience. 


A tool for creating interactive presentations and meetings using live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more.


Poll Everywhere is a web or SMS-text messaging based student response system. Use Poll Everywhere activities to take attendance, give quizzes, and gauge understanding whether your students are near or far. 

Top Hat 

Live discussions, polls and quizzes students can respond to on any device. 

Student Response Systems Resources 


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