Canvas (myCourses): Video

There are different types of videos and audio files that you can upload into myCourses for different purposes.?For example: 

  • You can use Kaltura to record videos and to upload and manage media, or  
  • You can embed?YouTube?or Ted Talk videos. 

Recording and managing videos with Kaltura??  

Kaltura is a service that provides tools for hosting and delivering media. This includes lecture capture, uploading video files, sharing videos and lectures with colleagues, and collecting video from students.?It is integrated with myCourses and other UNH tools. Since it is a UNH secure location and integrated with myCourses, it is the preferred video hosting environment. 

Video services such as YouTube or Ted Talks are publicly hosted and may not be the best location for uploading your course-specific content. These video resources are more useful for incorporating publicly-accessed resources. These videos are not actually stored in your course but are typically linked as a resource. 

Kaltura Capture - Getting Started 


How-to Guides

Embed Kaltura video in myCourses 

Upload video or audio files in Kaltura 

Share Videos and Lectures with your colleagues 

Link to a Youtube video 


Best Practices 

  • All materials should be accessible to all students. Videos should be captioned. Audio should be transcribed. See?Captioning a video?for the How To guide and Accessible Course Design for general guidelines. 
  • Use Kaltura (supported at UNH) to record lecture videos. 
  • Media Gallery is a great place to share students' work within the course.