Virtual Whiteboard


In classrooms with both face-to-face and remote students, where the instructor needs to illustrate content such as formulas and math equations there are numerous electronic whiteboard solutions to choose from. UNH has a campus-wide license for Zoom, which facilitates both face to face and remote students in the same classroom. Enabling students to see and capture whiteboard contents can be accomplished in a number of ways.  
Whiteboard in a Concurrent Classroom 

A “concurrent classroom,” with local and remote students attending at the same time, is best managed with an assistant to operate Zoom during the instruction. Instructors should set clear expectations with the assistant on the tasks they will perform, and how they should interact with the instructor and students.? 

Zoom Student Assistant Role and Responsibility 
Zoom Knowledge Base articles 

Zoom Resources 


Not Supported by UNH 

These applications are not supported by UNH, but resources are provided for faculty convenience. 


Google Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard application. 


Padlet is a digital tool that offers a single place for a notice board that can feature images, links, videos, and documents, all collated on a "wall" that can be made public or private. The interactive space is accessible from nearly any web browser-capable device. (While not a true “whiteboard” application, Padlet is included here because some of its features resemble features of a shared whiteboard.)