Studio and Performance

Studio and performance art courses are difficult and sometimes impossible to replicate online. When transitioning to an online learning environment, consider the following: 

  • Will students be able to find resources at home to replicate studio or performance work?  
  • Can online videos or simulations substitute for the hands-on experience?  
  • Students don't have access to the materials that are available to them in the studio, so find ways to work with whatever they have at home. Visualizing and prototyping woodwork and sculptures can be done with paper/pencil and household materials (cardboard, homemade clay, etc.), for example. 
  • Use a digital gallery to share students’ work. 
  • Students can use Kaltura to record at-home practice/performance and share with the class via Media Gallery 
  • In some cases, remote studio arts courses may be limited to theory, visualization, and prototyping, due to students’ lack of resources. Revise your learning objectives to account for this, if possible. 
  • Make sure your students have access to a computer/tablet and internet so they can utilize all the resources to do virtual work.   


Studio and Performance (Online)Resources