Website Creation 


A free web site building tool available to faculty, staff, and students at UNH. The site holds documentation and resources, including video tutorials, to help users set up and manage their own sites.  

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 

The international standard for Web accessibility. They are the basis for many national accessibility laws, including Section 508 in the United States.  

Not Supported by UNH 

This application is not supported by UNH, but resources are provided for faculty convenience. 

Padlet is a digital tool that offers a single place for a notice board that can feature images, links, videos, and documents, all collated on a "wall" that can be made public or private. The interactive space is accessible from nearly any web browser-capable device. (While not a true web creation application, Padlet is included here because some of its features resemble features of a a web site creation tool.)