Student Academic Success Support

Intended as a quick reference for faculty, this page collects campus-wide resources available to support student success for use in designing course syllabi and advising and counseling students. 


Students use myUSNH to access the full range of campus resources.   

Covid-19 Resources

Provided for ready access during the pandemic.

Library's Technical Support Page 

For assistance connecting to assigned readings (library or publisher resources)  


Knowledge Base articles to support students transitioning to online/remote instruction 


Academic Support  

CFAR --Center for Academic Resources 

For undergraduate students, who will find a variety of services and resources to support their academic success. 

The Student Cognition Toolbox 


A set of online Modules created by the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CEITL) that instruct students on study strategies (informed by the science of learning) that have been shown to improve students’ learning, retention, and transfer of material in academic courses. 

Math Center 

A tutoring center for UNH students sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. 

Programming Assistance Center (PAC) 

A support center for students taking early programming classes in the Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) curriculum. 

STEM Resources 

These resources have been carefully selected and/or created to complement the most commonly enrolled UNH STEM courses.  

Videos are intended to supplement the information presented in class. Strategies are provided?for helping students to structure their study plans for these courses. 

The Connors Writing Center offers one-on-one writing conferences to current UNH undergraduate and graduate students, an Online Writing Lab, and information and guidelines on Writing Intensive (WI) courses for both faculty and students.  



Student Accessibility Services (SAS) 

SAS provides services to students who have permanent or temporary disabilities, including students with physical or learning disabilities and students with health issues (mental or physical) which impact their UNH experience. 


Administrative Support 


Portal for student records: course schedules, course registration, transcripts, financial aid, and billing information 



Dean of Student’s Office/Student Life 

A vibrant community of student affairs professionals who share a devotion to the development and education of all students at UNH.  

Degree Works 

Tells what courses students have completed, what requirements they still need to fulfill, how many credits they have completed,?and grades for past courses.? 

University Advising Center 

For Undeclared major students in the College of Liberal Arts 


Campus Community (Community Standards office) 

Community Standards 

Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities 


Supports and enforces standards of behavior designed to foster an environment of civility and respect where both rights and responsibilities are deeply valued. Includes academic honesty policy. 


Career Planning 

Career and Professional Success (CaPS)  


Career and Professional Success (CaPS)?is the career services team at UNH. Our mission is?to?imbue?career preparedness?across the entire UNH experience to equip our students with the experiences, knowledge, and skills to thrive in an ever-changing future. 


Health and Wellness 

Health and Wellness 


A?secure, online portal?for personal health management. 

Wellness Resources 

This guide is a compilation of the health and wellness resources available to the UNH population. It is searchable by program name, health topic, departments, and eligible population.  


A self-guided and interactive resource to support students’ mental health and well-being. It’s easy to use and free-of-charge to UNH students.?Based on cognitive-behavioral approaches, the app can help students identify, understand and address?Anxiety,?Depression, Resiliency and?Public Speaking. 


A one-hour, in-person suicide prevention training? for all faculty, staff, and students. QPR is much like CPR; they are both basic strategies to keep a person alive until they can receive medical or mental health care: a "safety net." 

Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) 

Provides students with support and education for personal and academic success through a brief, solution-focused counseling model. Common concerns addressed include stress management, adjustment to college life, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, crisis support, identity development, mild/moderate alcohol/substance use concerns, mild/moderate eating behaviors and body image concerns, and relationship difficulties. 



Research Support  

Research Guides in a wide range of subject areas.  

Commonly used citation styles. 

Learning Resources 

  • Library Catalog 
    • UNH-held books, music, films, journals (not articles), and more 
  • Course Reserves 
    • Search by course name, number, or instructor 
  • Books & Media Worldwide 
    • Find and get books, CDs, DVDs, and more via interlibrary loan 
  • Databases 
    • Articles, abstracts, reference sources, and more by subject or title 
  • Journal Search 
    • Search by title or ISSN 
  • FirstSearch 
    • WorldCat advanced search for books and media worldwide 

Access to search tools for all Library resources. 


Information Literacy 
Information Literacy@UNH 


A guide to help faculty incorporate the skills of information literacy and critical thinking into their courses, with a focus on information resources and library faculty expertise.