Canvas (myCourses): Pages

What are Pages? 

Pages use a Rich Content Editor. This allows you to add text, videos, URL links, files, etc. on a single page and add descriptive text for online resources rather than merely posting URLs. Providing this contextual information helps students to understand the importance of the resources that you provide and can help direct their attention to the most critical components or central ideas.  

You can also "chunk" content on one page and provide a variety of learning resources such as text, videos, audio files, etc. 


How-to Guides

Create a page within a Module 
Create a new page in a course 
Add and modify text in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? 


Best Practices 

  • When adding links, use a  descriptive title for embedded URL links.  
  • Use pre-defined formats such as “Paragraph,” “Header 2,” “Header 3,” to organize the content on the page and to provide visual cues about the relationship between content elements.