Canvas (myCourses): Assessment links 

If you have set up a learning path in the Module, then creating a link to an Assignment from within the Module allows the student to easily find the assessment. Alternatively, you could set the Assignment area to appear in the course menu area, but that gives the student access to all the assessments. By placing the link in the Modules area, students’ attention is focused on only the specific assignment. 

Whatever navigation method you use, be consistent throughout the course. 

How do I add an Assignment to the Module area? 

  • Select the  +  "Add Item" icon on the right side of the Module. 
  • Click on the Add drop-down menu and select the Assignment option. 
  • Select New Assignment to create a new assignment or select an existing assignment from the list. 

 Be aware… 

  • Adding links to the assessments in the modules enables students access to the assessments. 
  • Publish/unpublish? Publish the assessment and then use the Available From and Until dates to manage access to the assessment.  

Best Practices 

  • Assigning a Due Date to an assessment helps students manage their time. 
  • Assigning a Due Date allows the assessment to appear in the Calendar.