Canvas (myCourses): Web links 

If you are using content from another website, you can add the URL to a Page to allow students to access it through your course. You want to encourage students to think of the course as the central location for all course content rather than go directly to the website. 

If you are using material from a publisher’s website, check to see if there is an "LTI" connection available for that publisher through the myCourses/Canvas course. This sometimes allows for more efficient integration of course material.

Integrating External Apps in a course


How-to Guide

Create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor

?Best Practices 

  • Set web links to open in a new window to prevent the student from closing out the course when closing the webpage. To set your link to open in a new window, highlight the link and press Command + K on a Mac (or Ctrl +K on a PC). 
  • Avoid using “Click Here” as a link to a web resource. Use the site name or other self-explanatory description for the link to better direct students. 
  • Do not use the direct URLs. Embed the URL into a descriptive link name. A lengthy URL is confusing for students using screen readers. Using a descriptive link with some elaboration helps students understand why they need to visit the link (see the Navigation section of Accessible Course Design).