Canvas (myCourses): Assignments

The Assignment tool can be used for both online or in-class assessments which are either graded or ungraded. The flexibility of the Assignment tool makes it the "go-to" option for many types of assessments. ? 

The two fields that allow the Assignment tool to be flexible are the?Display Grade As?and the?Submission Type.  

  • Display Grade As? field also has an option to set it as a?Not Graded?assessment, which makes it a good option for setting up a to-do type activity such as a Reading activity.  
  • Submission Type ?field has four options: No Submission, Online, On Paper, and External Tool. ?? 

There is also an option for setting up Group Assignments and set the grade option to either have all students receive the same grade or individual grades. 

How-to Guide ? 

Best Practices 

  • Use clear and detailed instructions in your assessments. 
  • Use a Due Date so student know when to submit the assessment.