Web Conferencing


Zoom is an easy-to-use web classroom platform that allows for real-time video and screen sharing to hold live class sessions at a distance.?USNH has a campus-wide license for Zoom which means every faculty, staff and student may use it to host meetings and collaborate. You can?host meetings with unlimited minutes for up to 300 participants at once. The features of Zoom include:?Screen sharing, breakout rooms, whiteboards, live surveys and polls, application sharing, synchronized web browsing, chat, non-verbal feedback, and more.? 

Zoom Resources

How to Enable Zoom 
If you don't see Zoom in your course menu, select Settings->Navigation, then move Zoom to the upper part of the navigation and  Save so it will appear in the course menu.? 

Zoom Applications include: 

  • Live class sessions at a distance 
  • Remote real time meetings 
  • Guest speakers 
  • Student collaboration for group work 


Zoom Knowledge Base Articles

Teaching Online and engaging students with Zoom 
Controlling Participants in your Meeting 
Breakout Rooms 
breakout rooms for group work and student collaboration 
Starting a Zoom Meeting and Sharing a PowerPoint


Teaching Online with Zoom

Learn how to engage students online synchronously with Zoom.

Zoom Whiteboard  

In classrooms with both face-to-face and remote students, where the instructor needs to illustrate content such as formulas and math equations there are numerous electronic whiteboard solutions to choose from. UNH has a campus-wide license for Zoom, which facilitates both face to face and remote students in the same classroom. Enabling students to see and capture whiteboard contents can be accomplished in a number of ways.  

Whiteboard in a Concurrent Classroom


Student Assistant Role and Responsibility 

A “concurrent classroom,” with local and remote students attending at the same time, is best managed with an assistant to operate Zoom during the instruction. Instructors should set clear expectations with the assistant on the tasks they will perform, and how they should interact with the instructor and students.? 

Zoom Knowledge Base articles 


Microsoft Teams  

Microsoft Teams is frequently used for collaborative work.  

UNH Microsoft Teams Resources 
Microsoft Teams Video Training 
Teams downloadable guide