LinkedIn Learning - Activation, Login Process & Recommendations

USNH Faculty & Staff (benefits eligible only ) have access to a FREE USNH organizational account with LinkedIn Learning - an on-demand, online learning solution designed to help employees gain new skills and advance their career. This initiative supports professional development at no cost to eligible employees, and is available 24/7 using your UNH/USNH single sign-on.

Active LinkedIn Learning Account User Recommendations:

How to Access Your  FREE USNH LinkedIn Learning account
     Step 1 - Activating your USNH LinkedIn Learning account:  Done via the link in your account notification email sent to your UNH email account.
     Step 2 -  Signing into your USNH LinkedIn Learning account after you have activated it.

Review instructions below and follow the appropriate activation instructions to set up your FREE USNH account the way you want.


Activate Your USNH LinkedIn Learning Account

New Hires:  Newly hired eligibile Faculty & Staff will receive an activation email invitation during their first weeks of employment.   USNH and LinkedIn Learning will send follow-up reminder activation emails at 3, 7, and 14 days from the original notification.

Current UNH Faculty / Staff:  If you have not yet activated your account and require a new activation link, you can request a new activation link at
Current USNH Faculty/Staff:  Please view your campus contact information here to request your new activation link.

Review the activation instructions below prior to clicking on the link in your account activation email.  Within the steps, you will be given the option to connect your USNH LinkedIn Learning account to an exisiting LinkedIn account if you wish.  It is not required, and you don't need to create a LinkedIn account in order to have access to your USNH LinkedIn Learning account.   

Account Activation Instructions:

Once your account has been activated, follow the Step 2: Log-In instructions going forward.

Account Activation Instructions

NOTE:  If you choose to connect your profile with your USNH LinkedIn Learning account, please note that you will have to log in twice to get into LinkedIn Learning; once for USNH LinkedIn Learning single sign-on, and then again for  If you later decide to disconnect your profile from your USNH LinkedIn Learning account you will need to contact LinkedIn customer service for assistance.


Sign in to your USNH LinkedIn Learning Account

Instructions to be used AFTER you successfully activate your USNH LinkedIn Learning account.

Review Sign-In Instructions here

here

Once you have successfully signed in to your USNH account, you can create a customized learning experience that features instructional content relevant to your professional interests and goals. YOU will have:

  • Unlimited access. Choose from thousands of video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics.
  • LinkedIn Learning - Mobile Apps
  • Personalized recommendations. Explore the most in-demand skills based on the development needs for your career.
  • Multiple uses. Complete recommended training from your supervisor or explore your own interests on your time.
  • Expert instructors. Learn from industry leaders, all in one place.
  • Convenient learning. Access courses from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Helpful resources. Reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files and coding practice windows.