Leave of Absence - CBA

Leave of Absence: Steps for employees under a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

  1. Complete and follow the instructions on the Request Leave of Absence - CBA Form

  2. Be sure all appropriate additional information ( Certification Forms A, B, C and/or D) is received within the required time frame.

  3. Stay in touch!


(can be accessed here or on our FORMS page under TIME & LEAVE category):

We recommend that you reach out to the HR Benefits team at HR.benefits@unh.edu or call 862-0504 to schedule an appointment to discuss your leave of absence and your benefits including a review of any paid time off benefits available.

What you can expect during your Leave of Absence:
  • Step One: Complete the Request Leave of Absence - CBA Form 30 days in advance of your leave request begin date and submit to your direct supervisor / chair for review and processing. Your direct supervisor / chair must provide the Request Leave of Absence - CBA Form to HR Benefits which will allow for your benefits to be researched. You will be notified of your leave benefits and any additional information that is needed.  It is understood this advance notice may not be possible for unforeseen leaves and/or emergencies.

  • Step Two: Ensure all supporting certification is received by HR Benefits by the date noted on your leave request form. It is your responsibility to ensure that HR Benefits receives this information. Your Leave of Absence cannot be approved without supporting certification. Certification Form’s A-D (see links above) provide the information needed to support and determine your leave type.

  • Step Three: Stay in touch!  The HR Benefits team will send you a letter to verify your leave status and to notify you of any additional documentation needed. Your role is to respond to each letter by providing any information and/or documentation that is needed within the time frame noted. Your HR Partner and Direct Chair / Supervisor will be copied in each letter to keep them informed.

All Leave of Absences will comply with USNH Policy, State and Federal Laws.  FMLA Poster

A Leave of Absence is broken into 2 categories:
  • Category 1: What type of leave you are on.
    It is best to schedule an appointment with the HR Benefits team to discuss the type of leave that applies to your request. You may find that you are on more than one type of leave at the same time.
  • Your Leave of Absence (LOA) will be designated based on your eligibility.   Below are the different types of LOA's. Not all employees are eligible for all types:
Types of Leave of Absence:
Medical Maternity Parental Disability
Military Family Military Personal Family Care
Paternity Jury Duty or Witness Family & Medical Leave (FMLA) Workers' Compensation
  • Category 2:  How you are paid during your leave.
    UNH has paid time off benefits and whether you are paid or not during your leave depends on the paid time off benefits that are available to you.   
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