Smith HallWelcome to Student Accessibility Services!

The University of New Hampshire and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) take great pride in promoting the development of students and the personal independence necessary to succeed academically and beyond.

SAS provides services to students who have permanent or temporary disabilities, including students with physical or learning disabilities and students with health issues (mental or physical) which impact their UNH experience. We seek to create a welcoming, universally accessible environment where all students are able to participate in the myriad aspects of the UNH experience.

Students have the right (and responsibility) to self-disclose and make use of the services available. To begin this process, students are encouraged to contact SAS to discuss what services, resources, and accommodations exist. The choice – to use or not – is yours. Make an informed choice.

We invite you to connect with us to learn about the options available. If at any time you cannot access forms or pages on this site and need to request an accessible format, please email for assistance. 


Student Support Funds

In order to support students through times of financial hardship, food insecurity and unreliable living arrangements, the University (through the Dean of Students Office) is able to offer the following support:

  • Swipe It Forward: A program for all UNH students challenged by food insecurity.  
  • Inn Between: A program available to all UNH students who are challenged with homelessness.