Gender Inclusive Housing

UNH recognizes the importance of providing students an environment in which they are comfortable, including considering the gender identity of roommate(s). We know that same-gender roommate assignments are not appropriate for or desired by all students. Gender Inclusive Housing seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities. Students may choose to share a room with someone of any gender identity that is most comfortable and appropriate to their own identity.

    How it Works

    It's simple - students that are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing can opt in on their housing application. Selecting this option will allow these students to meet other students who opted for Gender Inclusive Housing and form groups with students that agreed to this option's agreement. Students of any gender identity will be able to self-assign themselves together in gender-inclusive spaces.

    Note: Most residence halls have spaces that are designated as gender-inclusive, but not all. All on-campus apartments (Gables & Woodside) are gender-inclusive spaces.

    While we strive for all communities to be inclusive, we have designated two floors as Gender Inclusive Housing only. All students who live on these floors have opted into Gender Inclusive Housing and agree to the communities' terms.

    First-Year Student Gender Inclusive Community

    Lavender Community (any class year)

    Additional Information & FAQs

    • Once a room or suite is designated as mixed-gender, it will remain mixed-gender for the duration of the academic year. In the event of a vacancy, the remaining resident is given an opportunity to pull in a roommate of their choosing, within a specific timeframe (usually 48 hours). Then, normal housing process of roommate matching occurs.
    • The University encourages students to discuss their housing assignments with their parents/guardians before selecting gender-inclusive housing. All students are able to sign their own housing contracts. As a general rule, students are not released from signed housing contracts due to changes in preferences.
    • The University will not require any student to disclose the nature of their interest in Gender Inclusive Housing. However, UNH strongly discourages the use of this option for romantic relationships.

    All restrooms specified below offer full bathroom amenities including shower, sink, and toilet. There are many additional gender inclusive single-use restrooms throughout our residential buildings that are simply labeled “restroom” that offer a sink and toilet, but do not offer a shower.

    Signage: "Gender Inclusive"

    • Alexander Hall – 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 134)
    • Congreve Hall - Every floor (Bathrooms G22, 158, 272 and 360)
    • Devine Hall – Community restrooms available on every floor (Bathrooms 102T, 202T, 302T and 402T)
    • Eaton House – 1st and 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 102T, 119T, 208T, 209T, 218T)
    • Engelhardt Hall – 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 119)
    • Fairchild Hall – 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 113T)
    • Hall House - 1st and 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 105T, 121T, 122T and 204T) 
    • Haaland Hall – 2nd and 4th floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 224T and 424T)
    • Handler Hall – 2nd and 4th floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 252T and 452T)
    • Hunter Hall - 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 111) 
    • Marston House - 1st and 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 105T, 121T, 122T, 204T and 213T) 
    • McLaughlin Hall – Ground floor community restroom (Bathroom G07)
    • Peterson Hall – 2nd and 4th floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 214T and 414T)
    • Richardson House - 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 103T, 119T,  208T, 209T and 218T) 
    • Stoke Hall – 8th floor community restroom (Bathrooms 242T, 342T, 442T, 542T, 642T, 742T, and 842T) 

    Additionally, UNH offers a list of gender inclusive restrooms across campus. You may also view it as a map. UNH is constantly evaluating new locations to implement gender inclusive restrooms, as they benefit everybody in the community. We hope that your visit to this site marks the beginning of a conversation, not the end! If you have additional questions, ideas or concerns, we’d love to hear from you via email, over the phone, or in person.

    With few exceptions, UNH students, including first-year students, can preference to live anywhere they like on campus! Gender Inclusive Housing communities are available in Alexander Hall and Devine Hall but students can choose to live anywhere on-campus, if available. Students self-selecting housing can assign themselves with roommates regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity when they opt for Gender Inclusive Housing in the application.

    Housing and Residential Life are committed to ensuring that UNH’s residential communities are a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students to discover, learn and grow. Our staffs are here to promote the academic and personal success of all our students. Whether you are an ally, an out student, or someone who is not out, these are some resources here for you at UNH: The Beauregard CenterUNH Alliance Website. Visit the UNH Safe Zones - Transgender/Gender Identity Resource Page for additional information, health education, support groups, and news.

    You may indicate a preferred first name that will appear in internal documents to UNH. Please visit the Registrar's Preferred First Name Change site to make this request and see the places where preferred first name will automatically change within UNH's systems.

    Housing & Residential Life are committed to creating communities that are inclusive and supportive of LGBTQA+ students. We hire staff who are inclusive, we offer programs that are educational and that celebrate diversity, and we have a protocol in place to address prejudice incidents in the halls.

    Each residence hall and apartment has a full-time Residence Hall Director or Apartment Manager who lives in the building and is responsible for making the hall a vibrant, respectful, educational community. We also provide extensive diversity training to our student hall staff (RAs/CAs). We educate residents about a variety of topics and diversity is high on our list of priorities. Our goal is to encourage students to explore and celebrate diversity. Our staff aggressively confronts anti-gay sentiments in our halls. We simply won’t tolerate this type of behavior whether it is written or verbal. We realize we can’t necessarily change people’s beliefs, however, any acts of prejudice directed at under-represented groups in our community will not be tolerated.

    More Information: Lu Ferrell, Associate Director of  the Beauregard Center and Coordinator of LGBTQA+ Initiatives