On-Campus Housing Requirement

The University of New Hampshire considers on-campus living an essential piece of the educational and campus experience. Living on campus provides Wildcats with an opportunity to become acclimated to campus and college life, be near important campus resources and services, and create relationships and memories. Additionally, research shows that living on-campus significantly positively impacts student persistence and engagement, especially for the first two years. Thus, new undergraduate, full-time, first-year and transfer students, who are under the age of 21, on the UNH Durham campus are required to live on-campus for four (4) semesters, unless approved for an exemption by UNH Housing.

The On-Campus Housing Requirement does not apply to:

  • Undergraduates age 21 or older
  • Part-time undergraduates
  • Graduate students 
  • Non-degree seeking students 
  • Students with all online classes
  • Students that enrolled before Fall 2023
  • UNH Law, UNH Manchester, and Granite State College students 

Frequently Asked Questions

The on-campus housing requirement applies to new undergraduate, full-time, first-year and transfer students, who are under the age of 21, beginning with the Fall 2023. Undergraduate students age 21 or older, part-time undergraduate, graduate, non-degree seeking, fully remote (all online classes), UNH Law, UNH Manchester, and Granite State College students are automatically exempt from this policy and do not need to submit an exemption request.

Yes. Please see the Exemptions section below for more information.

No, on-campus housing is not guaranteed for all four years. However, we offer housing options for students of all class years. It is up to the student to meet Housing deadlines for re-applying each year and self-selecting an on-campus space during the designated timeframe.

Yes, unlimited meal plans are not required in the on-campus apartments (Gables and Woodside) or Babcock Hall, which houses graduate students and those students 21 years and older. The residents in these on-campus communities commonly opt for a swipe meal plan to supplement personal cooking.

No. Only Fall and Spring semesters apply to the Live-On Requirement.

Parking permit information is available on the UNH Parking website. On-campus storage parking may not be available to students exempted to live off campus.

Generally, no. Students who have an academic year housing agreement (Fall and Spring semester) and live on campus in the Fall semester must also continue to live on campus in the Spring semester.

Exceptions are made for students who turn 21 years of age during the Fall semester and for students who complete their fourth on-campus living semester in the Fall. These students can request to cancel their Spring housing without penalty, as long as they meet published cancellation deadlines.


We recognize that there may be circumstances that require an exemption to this policy. An exemption to the on-campus housing requirement may be approved for the reasons listed below (click to expand). Supporting documentation and/or additional verification may be required, as detailed in the exemption request form.

Exemption requests are due by June 12 (for students with an academic year housing agreement - Fall and Spring semesters) or January 1 (for students with a Spring semester only housing agreement).

  • Student has a parent or legal guardian that lives within a commutable distance (generally within 30 miles) to campus and the student will be living with them
  • Student is married, in a legally recognized civil union, and/or has a dependent
  • Student is active military, National Guard, Reservist, and/or a Veteran
  • Student has extenuating financial circumstances
  • Student has a qualifying ADA/Section 504 and/or religious accommodation that cannot be met by on-campus housing
  • Student is approved, via a University-designated process, to live in a UNH-recognized fraternity or sorority house *
  • Student has completed four (4) semesters of living on-campus at another institution of higher education
  • Student has a circumstance beyond their control, as determined by the University, that prevents them from being able to live in on-campus housing

* Indicates that an individual exemption request is not required to be submitted for these reasons - the University will confirm this information through internal processes

To request an exemption from the on-campus housing requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Housing Portal by logging in with your UNH credentials.
  2. Click "Housing Applications" in the blue menu bar.
  3. Select the "20XX-20XX Academic Year" term & click "Apply".
  4. On the first page of the housing application ("Welcome to Wildcat Country") locate the Live-On Requirement information section and choose the "exemption request form" link.
  5. Follow the steps and submit your exemption request with the required information.

Once you submit a on-campus housing requirement exemption request, you will be unable to submit an application for on-campus housing until a decision has been made on your exemption request. Monitor your UNH email address carefully, as this is how we will communicate any questions and a decision on your request.

Every semester that a student is required to live on-campus and does not have an on-campus housing assignment, or an approved exemption request on file, the student will be charged a fee equivalent to one semester of the current traditional residence hall double room rate.