Break Housing

For the academic year 2024-2025, all residential areas will remain open for Thanksgiving and Spring Break. For Winter Break, only Break Housing dedicated buildings will be open. Please note that the Housing Rates associated with break housing are subject to changes.

Residential areas that are designated for break housing are open during all academic year break periods (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring). All other residence halls close during break periods and students are required to leave during the closure period. Students who have an anticipated need of remaining on campus during any portion of a break are encouraged to select a space in a break housing residence hall during housing selection.

The rate for all break housing residence halls is an additional $50.00 (per semester), which is built directly into the student's semesterly housing charges.

Benefits to Living in a Break Hall:

  • Guaranteed on-campus housing during all break periods.
  • Come and go as you wish during academic year breaks.
  • Return from break early at your convenience.
Sawyer Hall in the winter
Lower Quad with Engelhardy

If your residence hall is not listed as a Break Housing hall, then it will be closed during academic breaks. If you need housing over any upcoming break, submit a request on your Housing Portal under “My Booking.” Select your current semester booking and fill out the Break Housing Form.