Report a Community Incident or Concern

In pursuit of its mission to develop educated and engaged citizens to enrich the global community, the University of New Hampshire aspires for its students to demonstrate high standards of mutual respect and integrity. Individuals who have reliable information regarding students who may not be meeting these standards are encouraged to complete and submit the appropriate incident report. Some reports may be submitted anonymously; however anonymous reports significantly limit the University in its ability to respond and at times prevent us from taking any action when details are vague or unclear.


As a public university, UNH campuses are also part of local communities and business life of its neighborhoods. The maintenance of friendly and considerate relations between the University, area residents and businesses, is in keeping with the University’s broader responsibility to contribute to the general good of society. Therefore, UNH expects its students to demonstrate responsible citizenship. Behavior that is counter to the standards and expectations for students, including violations of law, and is reported to the University may be subject to disciplinary action. 


Students have the right to a productive and stimulating learning environment. In turn, instructors have a responsibility to nurture and maintain such an environment. Discussion and expression of all views germane to the course session is recognized as necessary to the educational process, but students have no right to impinge on the freedom of instructors to teach or the right of other students to learn.

The primary responsibility for managing the classroom environment rests with the faculty member. Student behavior that is an obstacle to teaching and learning should be addressed. If a student persists in behaving disruptively in class after the instructor has explained the unacceptability of such conduct, the instructor may dismiss the student from the class. Faculty members who encounter disruptive classroom behavior may consult with Community Standards when repeat or particularly egregious conduct may be subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Conduct.


Reporting Options

Below are the various options available to report an incident or concern:

Community Incident or Concern   

If you or another student has been harmed by, witness to, or has knowledge of a concerning event affecting our campus community which violates our Student Code of Conduct or a university policy, involving a UNH student or Recognized Student Organization, submit that information to our office for review.  Incidents that occur on or off-campus are subject to disciplinary review, even when law enforcement has intervened. Reports are sent directly to Community Standards.

reporT A Community Incident or Concern 

Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment & Sexual misconduct

This incident report form is to be used for the reporting of all incidents of discrimination and discriminatory harassment, bias and/or hate crime, retaliation, sexual harassment and/or violence. Reports are sent directly to the Civil Rights and Equity Office.

 report discrimination & Discriminatory Harassment 


Student Concern Referral

Use this reporting form to submit information about a student who is experiencing emotional distress, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, exhibiting at-risk behaviors (e.g., decline in academic performance, deterioration of physical and/or emotional state, substance abuse, adjustment issues) or have expressed home, food or financial insecurity. Reports are sent directly to the Dean of Students Office

SUBMIT A student concern referral  


Academic Misconduct 

The University encourages any individual who has witnessed a UNH student engage in academic misconduct to report it directly to the faculty member of the course or the academic college. Reports submitted to the Office of Community Standards by someone other than the faculty member of the course in which the alleged violation has occurred will be sent to the faculty member for determination of a violation.

If you are an instructor administered a Formal Resolution and issued an academic penalty as described in section V of the Academic Integrity Policy, you must timely submit a Report of Academic Misconduct to the Office of Community Standards. 

report of academic misconduct