Lock-Out and Keys

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Key Services

The Housing Key Service is located in the Housing Office at 10 Academic Way.  We offer assistance with lockouts, key loans, and re-coring your door lock in the event of a lost key. These services will be provided by Housing each business day, Monday-Friday, from 8:00AM - 4:30PM.  

Lock Out Services

If you are locked out of your room, please visit the Housing Office during business hours. You will be given a loaner key to let you into your room. Our Housing staff will check the key out under your name. Make sure to bring back the loaner key to the Housing Office once you are all set and before the office closes. If you are unable to come to the Housing Office, please call us at (603) 862-2120.

Lost Key? Re-core and Extended Key Loans

Should you lose your room key and need a re-core,  you should come to the Housing Office to sign out a loaner key and complete the re-core form with the Housing Key Service staff.  The re-core process can also be completed by a phone call to our office (603) 862-2120.  Please have your ID ready when you arrive. When the new re-cored keys are delivered to the office, Housing staff will notify the students involved.  Each student affected by the re-core must come to the office to pick up their new keys. 

Call Housing at (603) 862-2120 and follow the prompt to be transferred to the after-hour lockout services dispatch. You must wait by your room and provide some form of ID. If you left your ID in your room it can be shown once your door is unlocked.

The University Police (603) 862-1427 will come and attempt to unlock your vehicle if it is your vehicle and you sign a waiver eliminating the University Police Department from liability for any damage done to your vehicle. You must wait by the vehicle.

If you lose your key, please notify the Housing Key Service so we can make the request to change the lock.  The $65 re-core cost will be charged to your student account.  For students in buildings with combos, we strongly encourage you not to share your room combination with anyone.  Resetting the combination to a room will result in a $25 charge to your student account.