Fairchild Hall

Fairchild Hall
Fairchild Entrance Door

As the International Connections themed hall, Fairchild aims to house international students as well as domestic students who want a rich and diverse cultural experience.  If you are an International Affairs (dual major) this would be a great community for you! Fairchild also houses the Honors community, providing a place for students who want to live in a building where there are high academic expectations.

Fairchild's rooms are unique sizes with large windows and views of Main Street. Step outside and you can lounge on the patio or hang out with friends in the quad area throwing frisbees, tossing footballs or studying with an outdoor WiFi connection.  Fairchild's full kitchen is always in use by residents who are known for their international cuisine and international events.

Fairchild Hall offers a gender inclusive restroom on the ground floor.

Hall Director

Meet Hall Director Danique Montique

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67 Main St.
Durham, NH 03824
United States

Hall Theme

3D Room Models (Roomie)

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  • AC
  • Accessibility Options
  • Break Housing
  • Elevator
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Lounges
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • XFinity On-Campus
  • Bunkable Beds
  • Loftable Beds

  • Building entrance unlocked and opened by remote (main street)
  • Roll in access to building (to elevator only)
  • Automatic door opener
  • Bathrooms are wheelchair accessible
  • Lowered closet railings
  • Combined emergency speaker and light strobe in all rooms
  • Accessible laundry
  • Braille signs
  • Elevator
  • AC

April, 1916

Dedicated April 12th, 1916. Fairchild was completely renovated in 2008. Named in honor of Edward Thompson Fairchild.

Check out our building and rooms!

  • Fairchild Single
  • Fairchild Double Front
  • Fairchild Closet
  • Fairchild Double Furniture
  • Fairchild Common Area
  • Fairchild Common Area
  • Fairchild Common Area
  • Fairchild Exterior

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    Connect with other students from around the world in Fairchild Hall!

  • Fairchild Exterior

See all the wonderful events we offer!

  • Fairchild Flag Social 1
  • Fairchild Flag Social 2
  • Fairchild Flag Social 3
  • Fairchild Flag Social 5
  • Fairchild Flag Social 4
  • Apple Social at Hubbard
  • Residents with Fairchild's Housekeeper
  • Fairchild Residents Posing for Photo Outside
  • Fairchild Residents Posing for Photo
  • Residents on the 1st floor of Fairchild
  • Smiling Residents of ResLife
  • Prom Social 2
  • Prom Social 4
  • Prom Social 5
  • Prom Social 6
  • Prom Social 9
  • Prom Social 8
  • Prom Social 7
  • Prom Social 1
  • students on front lawn of Fairchild Hall

    Live Here

    Connect with other students from around the world in Fairchild Hall!