Room Changes

While we strive for every housing assignment and roommate match to be one you are comfortable with, sometimes there is a need for a student to request a room change. The process to do so varies, depending on the time of the year and your situation. Review the information below to determine what your next steps should be.

During the first (approximately) two weeks of every semester, Housing has a "room freeze." We do not make room changes during this time, as we need to get a full picture of who has showed up and checked-in, and where our open spaces will be due to no shows, withdrawals, etc. This is a standard practice every semester.

Select the situation that applies to you:

If you are hoping to move to a different space within the residence halls, you should first check-in with your Residence Hall Director (RHD). Your RHD will talk with you about why you want to move and determine how best to proceed. If a room change is warranted, your RHD will work with you one-on-one to determine what alternative spaces (if any) are available. Generally, students who are more flexible in their housing preferences (room type, location, roommate, etc.) have higher chances of finding a new space. The more restrictive your preferences are, the smaller chance a new space is available.

​​​​​​Two times per year we offer a Room Change Request (RCR) form. This is an application (in your Housing Portal) that you must complete by the deadline published each request period. If we are able to offer you an alternative space based on your preferences, you will be contacted via email and must accept or decline your offer within a specified deadline. If you accept the offer, you will also be required to move to your new space by a deadline provided by Housing. Be sure to continually monitor your UNH email for information about this process.

  • In November: This RCR form is for changes to a Spring semester housing assignment.

If a space (bed) opens in your room, you will be contacted via email to let you know and to ask if you have a friend or another student you would like to pull into the open space. This person must be another student who is eligible to live on-campus and in your community (i.e. first-year only halls can only house first-year students).

If you do not have a request to pull in another student, the bed will remain vacant and could be filled at any time. Please check your Housing Portal frequently to view updated roommate information.

If you are hoping to request a space within the on-campus apartments for the spring semester, you can submit the Apartment Request Form in November. Offers will be made if spaces become available. 

If you have an immediate issue, contact your Apartment manager to talk about room changes. 

If you are hoping to move to a different on-campus apartment space or you have an opening in your apartment and would like to request to pull another student in, you are welcome to do that! The Apartment Request Form and the Apartment Pull-in Form are available in this page once the application opens. These forms need to be completed and turned into the Housing, Gables or Woodside offices or emailed to the On-Campus Apartments Assignment's Coordinator Julia Dubois:

On that note, if you do have open space(s) within your apartment and you do not have a pull-in request, we will assign another resident to that space over the winter break. Please continue to check your Housing Portal for updated roommate information!

If you accept a new space in a residence hall for the spring semester, you must move your items to your new assignment before leaving for winter break. You should talk with your Residence Hall Director about coordinating a day/time to move your items to your new room. If you don’t move your items out of your fall room, the new space is a void and you will go back to your fall space (or be assigned a different one).

If you accept a new space within the on-campus apartments for the spring semester, you must move all of your items home for the winter break period. You will then be able to move into your on-campus apartment assignment during Spring move-in.