Summer Housing

UNH Durham in the summer

On-campus housing is available in the summer for UNH students. Space is limited and students taking classes will be prioritized.

All students who are approved to live in on-campus summer housing will be required to agree to the Room & Board Agreement and the terms of UNH's Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities. If you have any questions, please call (603) 862-2120 or email UNH Housing at

Apply For Summer Housing

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for summer housing, the applicant must be an active student at UNH and meet at least one of the criteria listed below. Course schedule information or confirmation from sponsoring department will need to be provided at the time of your application.

  • Students taking summer courses at UNH (in-person and/or remote)
  • Students doing research or work with a campus department
  • Student athletes required to stay on campus for training
  • Students who are in an educational internship in the seacoast region
  • Students who otherwise have approved business at the University

Students who need on-campus housing for the summer, whose circumstances fall outside of the above listed approved reasons, will be accepted only by exception at the discretion of UNH Housing. To make a request, file your application under the "other" category and explain the details of your situation.

Assignment & Move-In Information

Information about your summer assignment and move-in details will be sent to you via email shortly before the start of your summer housing. All summer housing assignments are hand assigned by UNH Housing. Students that are currently living on campus during the Spring semester and are immediately transitioning to Summer housing will be able to remain in their Spring assignment, even after the halls close, until their summer assignment is ready.

Summer Rates

Room Type Rate
Air-Conditioned Congreve Hall Single $42 per night
Air-Conditioned Congreve Hall  Double $38 per night
Air-Conditioned Congreve Hall Triple $33 per night
Babcock Hall Single $38 per night


Dining & Meal Plan Information

Students residing in Congreve Hall during summer housing are required to have a meal plan, regardless of length of stay. Babcock Hall summer residents are not required to have a meal plan. 

Length of Stay <15 days 15-35 days 36-56 days >56 days
Swipe Plan 25 50 75 100
Summer Rate $275 $523 $749 $949

Additional information about meal plans is available on the UNH Dining website.