Application FAQs

All Housing Self-Selection Processes are completed in three steps. Below you will find detailed information and frequently asked questions for each step: 

  1. Complete The Housing Application
  2. Form Your Housing Group
  3. Select A Space During Your Timeslot

To find out when you are supposed to apply for on-campus housing, visit the How To Apply webpage.

Complete the Housing Application

In order to participate in any housing selection process, you must complete an application on your Housing Portal. You will access the online application on the tab "Housing Applications" and select the academic year that applies to you. When completing the application, you will review and sign the Room and Board Agreement. This step in the housing selection process also captures important contact information and allows you to create a profile for potential roommates.

Don't forget: For self-selection, make sure to return to the Housing Portal during you timeslot to pick an available room. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the self-selection timeline that applies to you!

No. All students will receive randomized timeslots on the same date. Learn more below.

Form Your Housing Group

All housing self-selections are made as a group. If you are looking for a single on the residence halls or want to fill a bed space in a double or triple room, you still need to create a group of one (1) – just you. Do this in the "Roommate Group" page of the application.

Keep in mind: In order to self-select a single room in the apartments or suite buildings, you still need to be part of a group that fills every space on the suite or apartment. For example, if you are looking for a three (3) person suite with a single room and a double room, you need a group of three applicants.  

This section is meant to help you navigate the "Roommate Group" page on the Housing application.  All of our processes include this page to help students connect with friends as they find a new place to live or assists them in making new connections!

Create a Group and Add Roommates:

If you create a group, you become the “group leader.” You are responsible for adding roommates and/or approving requests to join your group.

If you know your roommates, follow these steps:

  • All roommate must have an open Housing application.
  • Click Create Group and then enter a Group Name, password, and group size (this should match the number of beds in the room you are hoping to select).
  • Search for your roommates by clicking Search for Roommates by Details and send an invitation.
    • Your webname will be on the main page of your portal.
  • The roommate(s) will then need to log into their application and accept your invitation to join the group.
  • Once you have filled all your roommate spaces and the roommates have accepted the invitation, your group is done. All you have to do is for timeslots to be distributed. 

Join a Group:

If your potential roommate already created a group, click Join Group if you know the exact Group Name and Password.

Merge Two Existing Groups:

Another option is to click Search For Roommate Group in order to merge two groups. Make sure to match the maximum number of members with the maximum number of beds in your desired space.

Find Potential Roommates:

On the Roommate Group page, you can always select Suggest Roommates to find other students that match your profile questions and preferences. Send them a message and get to know them! Tip: When you complete the Roommate Matching Questions, don't forget to add something on the "About Me" section for potential roommates to see.

It depends.

  • The transfer student must be accepted and committed through the Admissions Office in order to be eligible to participate in the self-selection process. If they're not sure, have the transfer student call Admissions at (603) 862-1360 or email If they are accepted then they can fill up a housing application and be added to your group. 
  • Students living off-campus cannot participate in the self-selection process unless they are part of a group where at least one applicant currently lives on-campus. If you currently live off-campus and want to join a returner's group, please contact

Applicants may find suggested roommates on the application process. Your "Roommate Matching Questions" will help you find a fellow student with similar life-styles by matching you with a percentage. Before the application closes, you can look at student's profile and even send them a message!

Alternatively, students seeking other students to live with next year should use social media resources (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to find potential roommates. 

You can change your roommate group at any time before the deadline. The group leader can disband the group or transfer the group leader position by revisiting the "Roommate Groups" section of the application. An individual applicant can also remove themselves from the group by revisiting the application. 

Timeslots And Self-Selection

Your timeslot is the time when you self-select an on-campus space within the application on the Housing Portal.

Keep in mind that completing your application way ahead of the deadline does not affect your timeslot. Timeslots are completely randomized. Only the group leader can self-select during the timeslot. 

You will receive a notification via your UNH email when the timeslot becomes available in your Housing Portal. You can log back in to the housing application to view your timeslot for the upcoming process. 

You can pick a space  from the moment your timeslot opens until the end of that day. If you are unavailable during the opening period, you can transfer the position of group leader to another group member who would be available during the initial timeslot.

Remember, the earlier you are able to select a space, the more choices you will have!

Incoming Firs Year Students

  • First year students get timeslots randomly assigned so there is no specific way to change your chances. 
  • Popular halls that you like, are probably the same halls  a lot of other students like as well. Demand will be high and those halls’ open spaces will go quickly.  Be realistic with your options and have more than one building in mind. 

Current Residents

  • If you are not a resident of the residence hall or apartment you are interested in during the Selection Process, join a group where at least one of the members already lives in your desired building. Current residents receive first choice in their respective building!
  • Make sure that at least one of your group members has a high number of credits earned. The more credits you have earned, the earlier your sign-up time will be. If you are a first year student (rising Sophomore), remember that your chances to get a single in a suite will be lower than other students with more credits.  
  • If you are aiming for an apartment or suite building, those fill up quickly. Make sure to have a plan B!

No. During any of the selection processes, all areas will be available. For the first year selection process, all halls available to incoming students will be visible. For the apartment selection process, both apartment complexes, Gables and Woodside, will be visible. And, for the residence hall selection, all halls available to upper-class students will be visible. 

Room selection works very similarly to your class selection process. At your specific timeslot, you login to the housing application and you get to choose from whatever room spaces are available at that time. There is a possibility that the space or hall you wanted might not be available.

"What If..." and Other Questions

If you think that you may need to stay on-campus during the Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Breaks next year, you must choose a room in a Break Housing Hall.  Here is a complete list of those halls.

Call Housing at (603) 862-2120, or email

Please send an email to  Be sure to give us up to three (3) different room types and/or building locations.  Also include a cellphone number so we can stay in touch!  We work with students on the "wishlists" over the remainder of the semester and throughout the summer to get them into more desired spaces.

Call Housing right away at (603) 862-2120 or email The assignments team will let you know what options may be available.