Residence Halls

UNH has 25 different residence halls on campus, each with a lively and inclusive community. Throughout our residence halls, we have singles, doubles, triples, and quads. We have traditional style communities, with shared bathrooms, and suites with semi-private bathrooms. There are first-year only halls, second-year only halls and upper-division only halls. Various learning and themed communities are available that enhance a student's living environment and connect them even deeper to their academics, identity, lifestyle, or interest. Our residence halls have it all!




Learn more about each of the residence halls below:




  • 94% feel respected when they are at UNH
  • 94% agree that people on their floor are respectful
  • 98% think their Resident Assistant is a positive role model
  • 95% believe their Hall Director has a positive impact in the hall 
  • 96% are satisfied with the quality of events provided by their hall council

*Based on the Fall 2022 Satisfaction Survey with an 84% response rate

  • All suites consist of one spacious triple room with its own private bathroom, air-conditioning, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Life in ATW gives residents the feeling of independence within a close-knit, upper-division community! Learn More
  • Alexander Hall is centrally located on campus and shares an outdoor quad area with several other residence halls. Learn More
  • Located right next to Philbrook Dining Hall and our twin building Williamson Hall, it is minutes away from many academic buildings, making it a convenient place to call home. Learn More
  • Proximity to the campus core and steps away from recreation facilities are just a few of the reasons first-year through seniors are attracted to life in Congreve. Learn More
  • Engelhardt is a small hall on campus, making it easy to get to know everyone in the building. Residents commit to keeping the hall free of alcohol and other drugs. Learn More
  • Fairchild has a great location on-campus and it houses two themed communities: Honors and International Connections. It is a place for students that enjoy learning and want to be part of a diverse group. Learn More
  • Join the Club! In Gibbs, you will live in a small tight-knit community called "The Clubhouse". Focusing on sports, fitness, and wellness, the Gibbs staff and Hall Council provide residents opportunities for this active community to get to know each other. Learn More
  • Completed in 2008, Haaland Hall houses students from a diverse array of backgrounds and represent many different identities and personalities. Learn More
  • Handler is one of the newest residence halls on campus. The building houses nine resident assistants, and a full-time professional staff member. Learn More
  • Hetzel Hall is currently under renovation and unavailable for housing assignments.  Learn More
  • Hubbard is a medium co-ed residence hall that houses two themes: "Honors" and "InCEPSion," providing a place for students who want to live in a building where there are high academic expectations. Learn More
  • A small but involved co-ed hall made up of first-year and upper-class students. Learn More
  • Jessie Doe is ideally located right next to the main campus. It has a mixed population of first year and upper-class students. Learn More
  • Lord is a small hall that houses first-year residents with a great sense of community. It is conveniently located for easy access to the main campus. Learn More
  • McLaughlin is a small hall with a community of first year students and home to the Learning Community for the College of Health and Human Services. Learn More
  • Mills Hall is a large, suite-style, residence hall, centrally located in the heart of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) campus and near downtown Durham. Learn More
  • Peterson is a medium co-ed hall. It has both traditional style rooms and suite style rooms in singles, or doubles - all air-conditioned. Learn More
  • Sawyer is a small co-ed hall. It is in a prime location on campus near Paul College and Holloway Commons. Learn More
  • Scott Hall is located in the heart of the campus and is arguably the most picturesque, with its classic design and sprawling lawn. Learn More
  • Stoke is the largest residence hall at UNH, located near the heart of campus, across from Peter T. Paul College, and a short walk to everything downtown has to offer. Learn More
  • If you have an interest in the arts or merely enjoy being around folks that enjoy the arts, Eaton is the place for you. Learn More
  • Located right near College Woods and surrounded by plenty of great trees for hammocking or slack-lining, Hall House is a great environment for all sorts of fun outdoor experiences. Learn More
  • Marston is great for students who want a single room and a community of peers who enjoy each other’s company. The building’s spacious lounges are perfect for recreation and study. Learn More
  • Richardson is perfect for students who like having their own space but also enjoy hanging out with friends. The building has two lounges for students to hang out with friends and study. Learn More
  • Home to our Lavender floor and gender-inclusive style housing community: Devine gives you a small hall feel while living in a large hall! Learn More
  • Hitchcock is comprised of three floor communities. The first floor houses male identifying students, and the second and third floors house female identifying students. Learn More
  • Randall is comprised of four floors located in the middle of the “Upper Quad”. The first floor has a wonderful lounge, perfect for studying or hanging out. Learn More
  • Steps from Philbrook Dining Hall, Williamson Hall is the host to our First Year Experience with programs and events geared to new Wildcats so you can get the most out of UNH. Learn More