Babcock Hall

Babcock Hall
Babcock Hall Exterior

Babcock Hall is a vibrant community of individuals 21 and older, with a mix of international, graduate, and undergraduate students. The building offers single occupancy rooms, each of which includes a mini fridge for your personal use!

If you are an undergraduate student who is 21 and older and wish to live in Babcock Hall, please email UNH Housing.

Hall Director

Meet Hall Director Michael Hurley

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14 McDaniel Dr.
Durham, NH 03824
United States

Hall Theme

  • Graduate Housing
  • 21 Years Old or Older
3D Room Models (Roomie)

3D room models are intended to give a general idea of the rooms in this hall. Not all room sizes/shapes are shown. While rooms are scanned accurately, variations in measurements, furniture, and features may occur. Roomie account/sign-up is required to view rooms.


Gender Inclusive Options

You may choose to live on the second (2nd) floor of Babcock hall which offers gender inclusive bathrooms. Every room in Babcock Hall is a single occupancy room. We are committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment, so everyone is welcomed to select this area.

On your assigned move-in date and time, these are the steps to follow for a successful move-in experience: 

  1. Finding Babcock Hall - Check our campus map to find Babcock Hall in 14 McDaniel Drive. 
  2. Parking and unloading - If you have a vehicle, you will be able to temporarily stop by the parking lot, B-Lot, to unload your belongings. Keep your hazard lights on while you unload. When finished, make sure to park at a visitor lot or, if you have a parking permit, park in your designated lot. 
  3. Arrival and check-in - When you arrive at Babcock Hall, the friendly hall staff will be available in the building to help answer any questions. Before you head to your room, you need to check-in with them in order to receive your key and other useful information. Hall staff consists of paraprofessional students, called Community Assistants, and a full-time professional staff member called a Hall Manager. 
  4. Unpack - Get settled in your room! If you need help lofting your bed, let hall staff know so you can do it safely and quickly. 
  5. Done! - Keep a look out on your wildcat email for information on evets and resources the staff has to offer. 

  • Building entrance unlocked and opened by remote
  • Roll in access to building 
  • Select rooms equipped with emergency light strobes
  • Elevator

  • Accessibility Options
  • Elevator
  • Inside bike storage
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Lounges
  • Lounge w/Fireplace
  • Sand Volleyball court
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Loftable Beds

Check out our building and rooms!

  • Babcock Hall Exterior
  • Babcock Single
  • Babcock Kitchen
  • Babcock Bulletin
  • Babcock Board
  • pool table in Babcock Hall

    Live Here

    Join this incredible community of mature individuals 21 and older who enjoy their quiet and social time equally!

  • Babcock Hall kitchen

    Live Here

    Join this incredible community of mature individuals 21 and older who enjoy their quiet and social time equally!


  • Babcock graduate kitchen lounge
  • Photo of Babcock Hall Exterior

See all the wonderful events we offer!

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  • Babcock Smore Social
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  • Babcock Meeting
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  • Babcock Pumpkin Carving
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