Exciting Changes for Laundry!

Beginning this Fall 2024, laundry in on-campus housing for residents will no longer have an additional cost per wash/dry cycle! The cost of laundry will be included with the regular housing charges.

For Summer 2024 residents, all laundry cycles are free of charge, but students will still need to swipe their UNH ID to activate the machine. No charge for the cycle will be applied to the student's Cat's Cache.

All of our on-campus apartment complexes and residence halls have laundry facilities. Each is equipped with both 18-pound front-load, stacked dryers and 18- pound front-load washers. Additionally, Stoke Hall also has five front-load 30-pound dryers. 

Additional Resources

How to Use a Washer
student doing laundry
  1. Load clothes. (Be sure to remove all items from clothing pockets and insure that undergarments with metal underwire are placed in a washable mesh bag to prevent damage to your clothes)
  2. Add detergent, bleach and fabric softener. ONLY ADD ¼ CUP OF DETERGENT TO AVOID OVER SUDSING! High-efficiency (HE) detergent is preferred. Please do not use washer detergent sheets as they damage the machines and can possibly damage your clothes.  Detergent pods can be used, but do not put them in the detergent dispenser; place them in the washer drum with the clothes.
  3. Select which machine you will be using at the Cat’s Cache card reader - swipe your Cat’s Cache Card (Student ID card).
  4. At the washer machine, select wash water temperature.
  5. Press Start.
How To Use A Dryer

Before loading your clothes you must clean the lint screen otherwise air cannot circulate effectively through the clothes and efficiently dry them. This could cause you to use multiple drying cycles and cost you much more to dry your clothes!

  1. Load only 18lbs of clothes. Be sure to remove all items from clothing pockets.  The dryer should be approximately ½ full.
  2. Select which machine you will be using at the Cat’s Cache card reader-swipe your Cat’s Cache Card (Student ID card).
  3. At the dryer machine select the desired heat temperature.
  4. Press Start.

*If you need to purchase more drying time. At the card reader display screen, select your machine number and then select the “Add Time Option” in the lower left corner of the display screen and swipe your card again.

Reporting Maintenance Issues

Experiencing technical issues? 

Does the machine display an error code? Anytime a washer shows an error code on the LED display (aka: it displays something other than the price or time), try pushing the door closed and pressing the “start” button again.

Trouble opening your washer door? If the red LED light is on, that means the cycle is still engaged. Try again once the light turns off. If the red LED light is off and the washer still won’t open, it means the washer is most likely overloaded. Try pushing the door handle in, then out to open.

Other issues? Please report any laundry issues, concerns, or questions through the Housing Portal. Under the "Maintenance" tab, follow the prompts to submit a maintenance request for the laundry machine or dryer.