Handler Hall

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Handler is one of the newest residence halls on campus. The building houses nine resident assistants, and a full-time professional staff member. Handler is home to the InCEPStion themed floor. Students who are selected for this learning community not only live together, but also share at least one of four classes together, and benefit from knowing and studying with other students in CEPS right where they live. The community is an active one that encourages hard work on academic pursuits, getting involved on campus, learning about our differences, and creating healthy habits.

Meet the Hall Director

Anna Jantz
The best advice I can give any student is to embrace all the change that is happening around you even when it makes you scared.

Number of Residents



The Timbers


Laundry Room
Sports courts
Wi-Fi Internet


  • Front and back building entrance doors are automated and unlock and open with remote
  • Roll in access to building 
  • Automatic door opener to front door
  • Braille signs
  • Elevator
  • AC