Summer Session

Summer Session
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Summer Session is an opportunity to earn course credit in 5, 8 or 10-week terms.


2021 Summer Academic Calendar and Deadlines

*Closes at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of registration.




Online (Webcat),
Phone Registration


Add Deadline

Drop Deadlines 100% Refund

Drop Deadlines 50% Refund



May 24 - June 25


March 22 - May 24


May 28 Before the course begins or on the first day of the course. May 28 June 9


May 24 - July 30


March 22 - May 24


June 7 Before the course begins or on the first day of the course. June 7 June 25


June 7 - July 30


March 22 - June 7


June 16 Before the course begins or on the first day of the course. June 16 July 2


June 28 - July 30


March 22 - June 28


July 6 Before the course begins or on the first day of the course. July 6 July 14

Special Summer Sessions*


March 22 - Varies by course*

Varies by course*

Before the course begins or on the first day of the course. Varies by course** Varies by course**

Study Abroad Programs


Contact the program coordinator directly.


How to Drop a Course.
How to Add a Course after the term begins.


Independent Study, Internship, Master's Thesis, Doctoral Research Registration Deadline: July 1.

To drop after Summer Session begins and before July 1 contact

May 31 - Memorial Day holiday, no classes.
June 18 - Juneteenth holiday observed, no classes.
July 2 - University Offices are closed.
July 5 - Independence Day holiday observed, no classes.


100% refund - Before the course begins or on the first day of the course.
 50% refund - After the first day of the course through the Drop Deadline.
 No refund - After the Drop Deadline.

**How the Drop Deadline is determined for courses that meet during Special Summer Sessions.

Deadlines are determined by the number of weeks in a term or special summer session; each week equals one day. Examples: For a 6 week term, the drop deadline is the 6th day of the term. For a 5 week term, the drop deadline is the 5th day of the term. For a 1 or 2 week course, the drop deadline is the 2nd day of the term.

NOTE: For very short courses (fewer than 5 days), there is a 100% refund on the first day of the course; no refund after the first day.

Please visit the office or department websites below for updated information.

Will housing be available?

For more information, visit Department of Housing or call (603) 862-2120.

Which dining areas will be open

 Visit UNH Dining for meal plan options, pricing, hours of operations and more. 
Downtown Durham also includes a number of eateries that are open year-round.

Will the Library be open?

Students enrolled in Summer Session courses have access to the University’s award-winning Dimond Library and the four science and engineering libraries. Learn more at

Where is parking available?

For more information, please contact Parking Services at (603) 862-1010 or visit online at

Will Campus Recreation facilities be open?

For more information visit Campus Recreation.

Will the bookstore be open?

The UNH Bookstore is located in the Memorial Union Building and carries used and new textbooks for all courses, licensed University clothing and merchandise, office supplies and more. Online ordering is available, for details visit UNH Bookstore.

Adult Summer Programs

Summer Institutes
UNH Global  Study Abroad Programs
Domestic Study Programs


UNH Youth Programs

Opportunities for students from kindergarten through high school.

flower on campus

CATs for High School Students 

The CATS Program is open to motivated and academically strong high school seniors and juniors who want to enrich their academic experience with an introductory college level course (400-500 level).  It is designed to supplement the high school curriculum; NOT replace courses offered at the high school. High school students must submit a completed application, an official high school transcript, and SAT or ACT (if available) to the Office of Admissions no later than one week before classes begin. The CATS Coordinator will then review it for approval. Spaces fill on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registration is recommended. Students are allowed to take one class per semester during the fall, spring, and summer and must reapply for each term.

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